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Merry Christmas! Do you need cute Christmas hat for a holiday party or to make with kids this Christmas season? I’ve got you covered with free printable hat templates. Use one or all of the fun Christmas characters. Just pick the free printable template that works best for your craft.

These fun Christmas hats and Christmas paper crowns include Santa, elf, penguin, reindeer, winter hat, and gingerbread man. Something for everyone to get into the Christmas spirit. They all have a color in version and colored in version. That way you can use them for coloring pages and crafting.

If you just need reindeer antlers I have a separate post for that one. They are super popular with kids because what kid doesn’t want to be a reindeer?!

You can use them for a classroom activity, party hats, party craft, or craft at home with kids. They are perfect for young kids in preschool and elementary school. The thick lines make them fairly easy to color in and cut out for little hands. This activity works on fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and following directions. Kids love to accomplish something and having an activity with simple steps helps them build up confidence.

This is the perfect activity for this holiday season. Teachers feel free to use the free templates for classroom use, parents use this as a fun activity at home, or use the printable Christmas hats as an activity during a party for kids to decorate. The best part of course is that kids can wear and show off what they made.

Whether you are using them for parties, to go with a Christmas book, or just a fun craft kids will love these free printable Christmas templates.


Christmas Hat Templates


Here are all of the free Christmas printables. Above each image of the hat click on the CLICK HERE link for coloring version or colored in version to download the digital download. Most of the hats are printed on one page. There are a few templates with separate pieces for a cut and paste craft. Just trace the pieces on colorful card stock paper or construction paper then glue them together.


Santa and Elf Hats


First is the adorable elf template! Use the elf hat and be an elf. The first elf hat has elf ears to add if you want and an adorable elf hat! Then there is also an elf one popping up out of the hat. Hello little elf! This cute elf is a perfect activity for kids. Especially with the popularity of elf on the shelf kids will love making elf hats.

CLICK HERE for the color version.

free printableChristmas Hat Elf Color


CLICK HERE for the coloring version of the elf hat.

free printable Christmas Hat Elf Coloring


Santa! Santa Claus is always a favorite because he brings the presents. Wear a diy Santa hat or wear the one with Santa on top of the hat. For the Santa hat add cotton balls to the bottom to make the hat extra cute. If you are brave enough you can even add glitter!

CLICK HERE for the red Santa hat.

free printableChristmas Hat Santa Red

CLICK HERE for the coloring Santa hat.

Christmas Hat Santa Coloring free printable


I also included these fun Santa face hats. Do you want to be Santa or wear Santa on your head? Both are so cute for Christmas!

CLICK HERE for the color Santa face hat.

free printable Christmas Hat Santa Face Color


CLICK HERE for the coloring Santa face hat.

free printable Christmas Hat Santa Face Coloring


Gingerbread Man Hat


Next is little Mr. Gingerbread man! He is so cute and ready for some cookie making for Christmas. This is a great activity to go with a cookie making party or baking cookies with kids. We love to make and decorate sugar cookies every holiday season.

CLICK HERE for the color gingerbread man hat.

free printable Christmas Hat Gingerbread Color


CLICK HERE for the coloring gingerbread man hat.

free printable Christmas Hat Gingerbread Coloring


Christmas Tree Hat


This simple hat template is a cute Christmas tree with a star on top. Make this Christmas hat extra cute by adding pom poms for the lights on the tree. I also have a cute Christmas tree outline to use for other Christmas tree crafts or coloring pages.

CLICK HERE for the color Christmas tree hat.

free printable Christmas Hat Tree Color

CLICK HERE for the coloring Christmas tree hat.

free printable Christmas Hat Tree Coloring


Reindeer Antlers


These classic reindeer antlers are super cute for Christmas. I have some other reindeer options in a separate post with cut and paste options. There are too many ways to make antlers!

CLICK HERE for the coloring version

free printable Christmas Hat Reindeer Coloring

Snowman Hat


Now is just a cute snowman winter hat! This cute snowman is a fun winter craft! Decorate and wear this simple snowman hat any time in the winter. This one can be used anytime from November through February because the cold season lasts longer than just Christmas. I like to do winter crafts in January too.

CLICK HERE for the color snowman hat.

free printable Christmas Hat Snowman Color


CLICK HERE for the coloring snowman hat.

free printable Christmas Hat Snowman Coloring


Christmas Hat Craft 


While there are slight variations of the hats most of them will need similar materials and have a similar process to create them. However, feel free to use different materials than I list to decorate and make the hats your own.


Pdf file for personal use, non-commercial use

White cardstock paper

Colorful card stock or construction paper

Tape or glue


Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

Step one: Download the digital file for the hat you want to use. Then print out the hat or hats you want to create. I like to print on white card stock paper for coloring the hat template. You can also print on colorful cardstock paper as long as it is A4 letter size. If you are just tracing the hat then white printer paper works.

Step two: If you are coloring the hats color directly on to the printed out sheet. You can color with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Kids can also use watercolor paint to decorate the hat templates.

Step 3: Time to cut out the hats. Older kids can cut them out themselves. Younger kids might need help and child safe scissors. Cut out the main pieces and the extra strips.

Step 4: For the free printable Santa hat template you can make a red hat with red construction or cardstock paper. Then glue on cotton balls to the bottom and the very top circle. This gives it a little extra fun.

Step 5: Now it is time to put the printable templates together. Take the center piece and glue or tape one strip on to the right side placing it behind the front piece. Then take the other strip and glue it on to the left side. Measure around kids head to see how long it needs to be in the back. Cut off any extra from the strips leaving the back pieces overlapping slightly. Then glue or tape the back pieces together.

These hats are so fun for Christmas time and such easy free printable Christmas crafts. Get creative with fun craft supplies to add to the hats such as pom poms, a jingle bell, or tissue paper. These are such a great craft for a Christmas party at school or home. There are lots of ways to use them. Kids are going to love showing their holiday cheer with fun hats.

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