Free Printable Christmas Tree Outlines and Templates

Free Printable Christmas Tree Template

Christmas Tree Outline Printable 


Are you planning some Christmas crafts and need a Christmas tree outline? Here you will find outlines in a variety of shapes and sizes for your Christmas crafts. decorating, and projects! The free printable Christmas tree templates come in a variety of shapes and sizes for fun crafting this holiday season. Simply pick which Christmas tree you want, download the free pdf file, and print it out on white paper.

I love decorating the tree every year for Christmas! We have a cool fake tree with lights that change colors. I can’t wait to put up the tree and listen to some Christmas music. Make some Christmas tree crafts while you decorate the tree. Use the free templates for lots of crafting fun. These templates are perfect for holiday projects at Christmas time.

Below you will find the tree outline shapes. If you need different sizes download the different files. Feel free to use several of the trees this holiday season for different projects. Print them all out at home or at a print shop and get to crafting!


14 Christmas Tree Outlines


Large rounded Christmas tree. This size is excellent for crafts with small kids. The large size makes it easy for them to mostly color or paint in the lines. It has a thick outline for crafting. The rounded tree has a soft and fun look.

CLICK HERE for the large tree outline.

printable template Tree Christmas Round Large

This one is a large rounded tree with a star on top.

CLICK HERE for the large tree template with a star on top

Tree Christmas Round Large with star free printable


Medium sized size rounded tree free printables. This size is very versatile. Use it for paper crafts or making party decorations. Make a cute Christmas garland with trees. This size is also good for crafting with a group.

CLICK HERE for the medium rounded tree template.

free printable Tree Christmas Round Medium


Small sized rounded edge tree. This size is great for making winter crafts. Kids can draw a snowman and add some winter trees. Use them for cupcake toppers, table decorations, homemade Christmas cards, or for gift bags.

CLICK HERE for the small rounded edge tree.

free printable Tree Christmas Round Small


Large Christmas tree with pointed edges. There are two large sizes of tree designs. This Christmas tree shape looks like a classic pine tree. Use the shape to trace on construction paper or a craft project.

CLICK HERE for the large tree with pointed edges. This first one without the bottom you can add a candy cane to the bottom.

Tree Christmas pointed large top


This large pointed tree also has a bottom. It is great for decorations and crafts.

CLICK HERE for the large pointy tree.

free printable Tree Christmas pointed large template

Medium size pointed tree basic Christmas tree outline. These free printable templates size are great for crafts, decorating, or coloring. Have kids decorate the trees then hang them on bulletin boards in a classroom. The medium size is also great for making banners.

CLICK HERE for the medium pointed tree template.

free printable Tree Christmas pointed medium


Small size pointed tree. This design of the small Christmas tree templates is fun for parties and crafts. Color in the trees or print them out on a green colored sheet of cardstock paper. Just make sure the paper is 8.5×11”. This size is fun for gift tags or food toppers.

CLICK HERE for the small pointy tree.

free printable Tree Christmas pointed small


These bare tree templates are great for kids to make it their own. This one is a large triangle shape tree. It is simple for young kids to decorate and work on fine motor skills. Make your own Christmas tree design.

CLICK HERE for the large triangle tree.

Free Printable Tree Christmas triangle


CLICK HERE for the medium triangle tree.

free printable Tree Christmas Triangle Medium


CLICK HERE for the small triangle tree.

free printable Tree Christmas Triangle Small


This shape also comes in a cute treat box with a star to put on top. Print it out, color, or trace on green and yellow paper. Add a lollipop in the middle or little bag of treats.

CLICK HERE for the tree treat box.

free printable Tree Christmas Gift Box


This free Christmas tree template is a tree with Christmas lights. This tree comes with a string of lights perfect for a simple coloring page with young kids. It also can be used for crafts.

CLICK HERE for the tree with lights.

free printable Tree Christmas with lights

Last you will find a tree with ornaments. This one is easy to color and decorate with crayons, markers, or paints.

CLICK HERE for the tree with ornaments.

free printable Tree Christmas Pointed Large with ornaments


Christmas Tree Coloring Page


If you need simple coloring pages for kids to use during the holidays or for classroom use at a class party check out these cute Christmas tree coloring pages.

Cute smiley face tree. This cute tree would make a great Christmas tree coloring page for kids from preschool through elementary school.

CLICK HERE for the smiley face tree.

free printable smiling tee Smiling tree




Pdf file for personal use, non-commercial use

Home printer or print at a print shop

Card stock or printer paper. You can print directly on cardstock green paper or different colors that is 8.5×11″ size.

Optional: crayons, markers, acrylic paint, or water color paint.


Glue stick

For hanging string, ribbon, or yarn


Christmas Tree Craft Ideas


Make a tissue paper Christmas tree. Put glue or double sided tape on the template. Then add small pieces of tissue paper to the template.

Pom poms Christmas tree. Add pom poms to the template with glue.

Coloring the tree. Pick a tree to color with markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

Use it for a tree stencil.

Make your own ornaments! Print the small or medium template our on card stock paper. Kids can decorate the trees with paint, glitter glue, and tissue paper. You can even add a small picture of kids in the center. Laminate the ornament to make it last years to come.

Christmas tree painting. Cut out the basic shape templates and tape it to the center of a canvas. You can get cheap canvases from the dollar store for kids crafting. Kids can paint around the template for the background.

The small size can be used to trace as a Christmas cookie cutter.

Other Free Printable Christmas Templates!


If you are looking for more Christmas fun check out the build a Santa, candy cane template and Christmas hats! So much Christmas fun for your next holiday craft.

I hope these Christmas tree outlines helped you with your Christmas crafting and decorations.

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