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free printable mitten templates


Mitten Outline Printables


Brr it is getting cold outside and that means time for some winter crafts! These cute mitten templates are perfect for some winter crafts. 

There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. Whether you want to use them for party decorations, classroom decorations, or crafts with kids these templates can be used in a variety of ways.

To use the free printable mitten outline just pick out the outline that fits your crafting needs. Then click on the CLICK HERE button above the image of the template you want to use. Download the free pdf file, these files are for personal use, not commercial use. They can be printed out multiple times for crafting. Then print it out at home or a local print shop and start crafting! 

The possibilities are endless for ways you can use these free printable mitten templates. At the end of this post I will give a few kids craft ideas for the templates. They can also be used for party decorations, winter art projects, or educational use.

If you want some other winter activities this penguin craft is fun to make with kids and this ice princess crown.


6 free printable mitten outlines


These free printable mittens come in a variety of sizes for different crafts. Pick one or all of the mittens to use. These paper mittens are so easy to use for crafts or decorations.


First is a large plain outline. This outline is just a basic outline with little details on the bottom part. that allows you to use your creativity with how to use it and decorate it. This one has a right and left mitten if you want to make a large pair of mittens. These mittens are great for crafts with young kids. For teachers add lined paper to use them for a writing activity.

CLICK HERE for the left mitten. CLICK HERE for the right mitten.

mitten outline printable large left mitten outline printable large right

Next is a medium outline with just a basic outline. This size is good for crafting and having it all blank makes it easy to make a variety of crafts. You can trace the mittens on construction paper and decorate them.

CLICK HERE for the medium size blank outline.

free printable mitten outline medium


Next is a medium size mitten template with a few more details. This size is great for a group of kids crafting. The kids can each get a pair of mittens for their crafts. 

CLICK HERE for the medium mitten template.

mitten outline medium size


The last medium size mitten shape has a pattern for a little extra fun. This one is cute for coloring with kids.

CLICK HERE for the pattern mittens.

free printable mitten coloring sheet


Next is a slightly smaller size mitten outline with four mittens on a sheet.

CLICK HERE for the mitten outline with four on a sheet.

The last size is a small size of mittens. These are cute for cupcake toppers or adding mittens to a winter drawing.

CLICK HERE for the small mittens.

small mittens



Mitten Craft Ideas


Here are some fun winter crafts ideas to make with these free printable mitten templates.

Painted mittens.

Paint the mittens using watercolor or acrylic paint. This is a simple activity for kids. I know my kid loves painting and it is easy for kids to do with a template. Paint it, let it dry, and cut out the mittens.

Cotton Ball Mittens

Either coloring in the template or trace it on construction paper or foam paper. Have kids glue cotton balls on to the bottom of the mitten template with white glue. You can then attach a pair of mittens with a piece of yarn.

Tissue Paper Mittens.

In this fun winter craft kids can glue on pieces of tissue paper in the color they want on the winter mitten template. This is a great activity to work on fine motor skills with kids.

Mitten Matching Game

Use the small mittens for a color matching game with preschool kids. This can be done by coloring in each pair a different color or tracing them on construction paper.

Mitten Craft

This simple mitten craft lets kids make their own mittens with a variety of materials. Put out foam stickers, pom poms, markers, tissue paper, and other craft materials. Kids can decorate their mittens however they want!

Mitten Stencil


Use the mitten to trace on paper as a stencil. This can be great for making t-shirts or other crafts.

Mitten Coloring Sheet


Coloring is such an easy activity with kids. Let them color their mittens in their own designs. This helps kids use their creativity. For younger kids the large mittens are such a simple coloring sheet to work on staying in the lines.

Mitten Sun Catchers


Cut out the outline leaving the center blank. Put it on a piece of contact paper. Then have kids add small pieces of tissue paper to the center of the mitten. Once they are done add another piece of contact paper facing down to the top of the sun catcher. Cut off the extra contact paper around the edges of the outline. Then hang up your sun catchers in the window for the light to shine through.


I hope you will use some of these fun activities for your winter crafts or Christmas crafts. These are great to make with some hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music.

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