Free Printable Pilgrim Hat for Kids

Free Printable Wearable Pilgrim Hats different designs


Free Printable Pilgrim Hat


Are you looking for a fun paper pilgrim hat for kids to decorate and wear at a Thanksgiving celebrating?  This is a fun craft to have for kids at a thanksgiving dinner at the kids table. Thanksgiving can be a long meal with adults catching up and chatting. Sometimes kids need a little extra activity to keep them occupied and add a little extra fun. These pilgrim hats are simple for kids to decorate and the perfect fun thanksgiving craft. Kids will turn into little pilgrims with this fun pilgrim hat craft.

Not only is there a pilgrim hat with the gold buckle, but also a fun coloring hat. You can also make a pilgrim bonnet with white paper and string. Kids can decorate one or both of these thanksgiving hats. I also have some other cute thanksgiving hats including a turkey hat, pumpkin pie hat, and feathers hat. Click here to check out my other thanksgiving headbands.

This is a perfect simple activity for young kids from preschool age to early elementary school. All kids need to be able to do is color the hats and cut out the template. If kids are too young to cut out the shapes teachers or parents can do it for them. This would be a perfect craft for kindergarten students when learning about Thanksgiving. Read books about Thanksgiving and make this fun craft.

If you need some other Thanksgiving hats I have a turkey and pie one CLICK HERE.


Printable Pilgrim Hat Coloring Pages


If you just need some pilgrim hat coloring pages for a simple activity use these hats for coloring pages. This is a simple coloring page for kids to use in class or at a Thanksgiving party! I have a color in version of the hat as well as a colorful version to color and assemble the hat.

Free Pilgrim Hat Template


The free thanksgiving hat comes in a few different versions.

First is just a simple version to color, cut out, and put on the kids. This is great for pretend play or just as a party hat during a thanksgiving feast.

CLICK HERE for the coloring version of the pilgrim hat.

color, cut, and wear pilgrim hat printable


The next pilgrim hat is a colored in version. This one is so easy to just cut out and kids can wear them at a Thanksgiving celebration.

CLICK HERE for the colored in version of the pilgrim hat.

free printable pilgrim hat in color

The next pilgrim version is one to use for tracing on paper to use for a fun craft. The steps to build the hat below will help you put it all together. Use this template for tracing and add it on strips of paper for the band.

CLICK HERE for the pilgrim hat craft.

cut and paste pilgrim hat



Supplies Needed for the Pilgrim Hat


Free printable file in pdf format. The digital file is for personal use, non-commercial use but print it out as many times as you need.

White cardstock paper or basic white paper

Black cardstock paper or black construction paper.

Brown construction or cardstock paper

Gold glitter paper or yellow paper

Tape, glue stick, or stapler


Step-by-step Instructions to make Cute Pilgrim Hats


First you will download the pdf file. For this you need a pdf reader.

Once you have the file downloaded it is time to print it out. This can be done at home on your printer or at a print shop. For hats I recommend using cardstock paper. However, regular printer paper can work as well it is just not as sturdy.

Using the coloring version just have kids color directly on the printed out paper. Then when they are done coloring cut out the hat shape and long band strips of paper.

If you are tracing the template on to black cardstock paper cut out the outline and use it to trace on the black cardstock or construction paper. To save time you can cut out multiple hat shapes at once. Cut out the shape for the front of the hat and the strips for the back. Use black paper for all of these shapes.

Next trace the buckle shape on gold or yellow paper. The band use a brown or deep red.

Cut out the shapes of the square buckle and the hat band. The buckle is probably the trickiest part of this all because you have to cut out the center part. Kids can cut out the square shapes and have assistance with cutting out the center square.

Now it is time to put it all together. First glue or tape the black front part of the hat on to the straight strip in the center of one of the strips.

Next glue the brown band on the hat just above the bottom portion

That is it, then use these fun hats at your Thanksgiving feast!

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