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Christmas Free Printable Reindeer Hats to wear


Reindeer Hat Template Printable


Merry Christmas! This holiday season make these adorable reindeer antlers for kids to wear! What kid wouldn’t love being a reindeer?! Kids love making wearable hats and this reindeer hat is perfect to get kids in the holiday spirit.

If you need a fun activity for Christmas parties for the kids to make I’ve got you covered! Have the hats ready for kids to color and decorate. They can also be printed out and ready to wear. Use this reindeer craft for parties, working on fine motor skills, or fun craft time with kids. This is an easy craft for younger kids and older kids.

All you need are a few easy materials and the free printable pdf file to make the reindeer hats. I have a few options for hats including a coloring version, colored in version, and a diy version. Pick the free printable template, download it, and print it out.

If you are wanting even more fun Christmas hats I have come to the right place. You will find other Christmas fun including gingerbread man, elf, and Santa! Make a new Christmas hat every week leading up to Christmas for an easy Christmas craft or use them all for a Christmas party. Hat crafts are always a hit with the kids.

This is a great activity to do while reading Christmas stories, drinking hot chocolate, and making reindeer food for the reindeers on Christmas eve.


Free Printable Reindeer Antlers


First you will find a simple reindeer antlers outline. This comes with a brown colored in version as well as a blank version to color in. The blank version can be used to trace on construction paper or brown paper. Cardstock paper is a great option because it is very sturdy.

CLICK HERE for the Reindeer antler outline in color.

free printable Christmas Hat Reindeer Color


CLICK HERE for the coloring reindeer antlers.

free printable Christmas Hat Reindeer Coloring



This free printable reindeer template has a cute reindeer face. This version is a perfect craft for kids of all ages. There is a colored in version to cut out and use as a party hat. The other version is a coloring version. Coloring in the hat is a fun activity for kids at a Christmas party.

CLICK HERE for the reindeer face headband.

free printable Christmas Hat Reindeer Face Color



The next cute reindeer templates are diy versions. These are great for tracing on brown construction paper and gluing together. This way kids can make their own reindeers with the free templates. Kids will love putting together their own reindeer. Make a red nosed reindeer or brown nosed. This reindeer headband template allows kids to make it their own with different colors and decorations. Add paper flowers, stickers, gems, or pom poms to the hat.

CLICK HERE for the diy cut and paste antlers.

Christmas Hat Reindeer Antler Coloring free printable

CLICK HERE for the bands for the diy antlers.

Christmas Hat Bands free printable


Lets Make Reindeer Antlers




Pdf file for personal use, non-commercial use but feel free to print it out multiple times. You will need a pdf reader for the file.

Home printer or print at a print shop.

White printer paper or white cardstock paper. Depending on your template. If you are using the white paper to color in use cardstock paper for a sturdier hat.

Dark brown, light brown, and red construction paper.


Glue stick

Strong clear tape or stapler(for adults to use)

Optional: googly eyes, black marker, markers, glitter glue, and pom poms.

Step One: Print out the pdf file on white printer or cardstock paper. You can print directly on colorful or brown carstock paper if it is 8.5×11″ size.

Step Two: If you are using a coloring version kids can color directly on the sheet of paper. If not cut out the antler or reindeer’s head reindeer shapes.

Step Three: Now it is time to decorate the antlers if you are adding any embellishments. Kids can glue on pom poms for the reindeers nose, googly eyes, and draw a mouth on with black marker. Add glitter glue or Christmas stickers for extra fun hats!

Step Four: Now it is time to put the hats together! Take the main piece and add one strip to each side of the main piece. Tape or staple the side pieces on to the center piece.

Step Five: Now it is time to measure the hat around the kids heads. Then cut off any extra from the strips. Glue, tape, or staple the back part together.

Now you have a fun reindeer hat for Christmas!

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