Free Printable Winter Hat Craft Template

free printable winter hat craft templates to download


Winter Hat Printable


If you are looking for a simple winter project to do with kids this winter hat craft is the perfect easy craft with kids. All you need is the free printable winter hat template and a few materials to make a hat! Kids of all ages can have fun using the winter hat outlines.

Use the template to work on kids fine motor skills. Crafting is a great way for kids to work on their fine motor skills while still having fun. This is a great craft for kids from preschool through early elementary school.

All you have to do is pick out the hat that you want and click on the CLICK HERE button above the image. Then download the pdf file, print it out, and start your project. It makes for a great activity this winter season if you are stuck indoors. You can use any materials in the house to decorate the hat such as pom poms, cotton balls, stickers, or paints.

If you need other winter fun I’ve got you covered! Make snowflakes, hot cocoa cups, snowmen, and mittens. These templates can have you covered for a whole month of winter crafting. These templates can all be used for coloring, crafting, and making decorations.


5 Winter Hat Templates


The free printable templates come i 3 sizes small, medium, and large. This way you can use the templates for different types of crafts. draw a person and put the little hats on or make hats for elves with the small template. Make an adorable winter banner with the medium size template. Then make an easy craft with the large template for winter.

The first option is the small size. This size can be used for a color matching activity or a counting activity with preschool kids. This printable comes with four hats per sheet.

CLICK HERE for the small winter hat.

Free printable small winter hat template

The next option is a medium size. This is a great size for crafting with a class of kids. Then you have less paper to print out and can cut out a bunch of hats at once by stacking papers. I’m all about working smarter not harder.

CLICK HERE for the medium size hat template.

free printable medium size winter hat template

The large is the last winter hat template. This size is great for fun winter crafts. I would use this size for painting or a watercolour paint activity. The large size has a few different patterns this is the blank version.

CLICK HERE for the blank large winter hat.

Large winter hat blank template

Finally is a hat that has the same pattern on the bottom as the other sizes. You can add a band on the bottom with a strip of paper so kids can wear it as an actual hat! Kids love wearable hats they can craft and wear their own winter hat. They are also fun for party hats!

CLICK HERE for the large winter hat.

large winter hat template free printable


Simple Winter Hat Craft




Digital file in pdf format for personal use, non-commerical use but feel free to print it out a bunch of times.

White card stock paper or colorful card stock paper


Glue stick or white glue

Cotton balls or pom poms

Paints, crayons, or markers

  1. First print out the pdf file.
  2. Print out the file at home on a home printer or at a print shop.
  3. Color in or paint in the entire hat top. Leave the bottom part blank and the very top circle.
  4. You can color designs with a white crayon. Then paint over with watercolors to make the design appear.
  5. You can also cut out the hat shape and use the template to trace on construction paper, colorful cardstock paper, or scrapbook paper.
  6. Glue pom poms or white cotton balls to the bottom part of the hat and the top circle. I use glue sticks usually when working with kids but you can use white glue. If it isn’t staying later without kids I glue things on with a glue gun.
  7. If you want to hang the hats as a banner only glue cotton balls on to the bottom and punch a hole in the top circle to string yarn or string through.

Other Fun Crafts using the Winter Hat


If it is cold where you live during the winter months you might need a fun winter craft idea or two. Use the following ideas with the winter hat or for winter activities using some of my other templates. There should be a winter hat activity for everyone whether you like low mess options or messy fun!

  • Use the templates for winter hat coloring pages. Color them in with fun designs and patters.
  • Make an easy yarn craft. Use a hole punch to punch holes along the edges and string yarn through the holes. This makes the hat a fun lacing card to work on fine motor skills.
  • Another way to use yarn is to wrap yarn around the entire hat to make the hats look like knit hats.
  • Make a winter name hat craft. Write the letters of a kids name and cut the letters out. Have kids glue the letters on to the hat template. They can also decorate it. This is a great way to help kids to learn their name.
  • Paint the hat using cotton balls for paint brushes! Put a cotton ball the end of a clothes pin. Then dip the cotton ball in paint and paint the hat. You can make dots, lines, and other fun patterns with the paint. Then glue some cotton balls on the bottom once the paint is dry.
  • Do a dot! Use dot markers to decorate your hat. I love using these with young kids. They are simple to use, meaning low prep for mom (yay!), and kids have a lot of fun using them.
  • Paint or draw a fun winter background such as snowflakes, snowy mountains, or just a blue cold background. Then glue the hat on top. This adds an extra part of the activity.
  • Snow painting! Take real snow or some blended ice. I live in the desert so we don’t get any actual snow. Dye the snow with food coloring. Then put the snow on the template. Leave it on for a few minutes letting it melt just a bit. Then wipe the snow off the paper and see if it leaves fun colors. Use winter colors or any colors kids want.
  • Make a cute winter hat by tracing the blank template on cardstock paper in a color of your choice. ┬áthen add googly eyes and drawing a smile on with a black marker. This is such a simple craft to make in a few minutes with minimal prep.

I hope you had fun making a fun winter hat. Feel free to use one free template or all of them. Happy crafting and stay warm inside while making some fun winter crafts!

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