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Free Printable Build A Snowman craft

Cut Out Build A Snowman Printable


Build A Snowman Printable Craft


Do you want to build a snowman? Use this free printable snowman template to make your own snowman. This is the perfect simple craft for the winter season. Make a snowman on a snow day or when the winter weather is too cold for outside play. This paper snowman craft is great because you can make it with just paper or add extra craft supplies.

Get kids in the holiday spirit and entertain them when it is snowy outside. I have never actually lived anywhere snowy but we still like fake snow and doing snowman crafts! My son got to see snow for the first time this year and he loved it. Both of my kids love playing in the snow and building snowmen. Also, a good spirited snowball fight. My first attempt at a snowman with my daughter we couldn’t get it to stand up so it was a laying down snowman.

For young kids from preschool through early elementary school this is a fun project for kids to work on those fine motor skills. Kids of all ages will have fun making snowmen. It is a great activity for kindergarten students. They can make this fun snowman activity and work on important skills.

There are tons of options for build a snowman and snowman crafts included. Use the build a snowman for a fun snowman game with a dice. Roll a 1 add arms, 2 a scarf, 3 the arms and whoever builds the snowman first wins! This is fun because it is part craft and part game.

Find the free printable build a snowman at the end of this post and in the post. If you want other Christmasy fun I have some free printable gingerbread men templates and reindeer hats!

Free Printable Build a Snowman

Here is the build a snowman. I have an option for a snowman with a face and one without. It can be fun for kids to cut out the pieces to glue together and then create their own little snowman face. This is a great simple activity to work on fine motor skills with young kids.

CLICK HERE for the build a snowman.

free printable Snowman Build a Snowman for crafts and games


CLICK HERE for the build a snowman without a face.

free printable Snowman Build a Snowman no face

Snowman Templates


First is the full snowman that can be used for decorations and crafts. This one can be used with a snowy painted background for a craft with young kids.

CLICK HERE for the full snowman template.

free printable Snowman Template for decorations and crafts


Here is a snowman template without the buttons and arms. You can add real buttons, pom poms, and pipe cleaners to decorate this snowman.

CLICK HERE for the snowman without arms and buttons.

free printable Snowman craft Template


This snowman template also comes in a small size. This size is great for decorating Christmas cards or to use for cupcake toppers.

CLICK HERE for the small size snowmen.

free printable small Snowman Template


Next you will find the outline for the snowman. Kids can add on details such as the face and buttons. This one you can use different craft supplies for the body such as real buttons or pom poms.

CLICK HERE for the snowman outline with some details.

free printable Snowman Body Outline


The next template is just the snowman head. This can be fun to add to a pom pom for the body. It also is great as a treat bag topper.

CLICK HERE for the snowman head.

free printable Snowman head template


Do you need a simple snowman coloring page? Use this snowman for a fun activity with kids.

CLICK HERE for the snowman coloring page.

snowman coloring page


This next snowman is just the outline because sometimes you need the full snowman outline to trace. It comes in 3 sizes large, medium, and small. You can use this for crafts and decor. Add cotton balls and other fun craft supplies to make a cute snowman. The small size is great for

CLICK HERE for the blank snowman outline.

Snowman Outline large size for crafts


CLICK HERE for the medium size snowman outline.

Snowman Outline Medium free printable


CLICK HERE for the small size snowman outline.

free printable Snowman Outline Small


Supplies Needed


Free pdf file to download for non-commercial use, it can be for classroom use or at home. Download it as many times as you need for a group of kids for personal use.

White cardstock paper. You can use white regular printer paper but cardstock is more durable for kids crafts.

If you are tracing the snowman parts on paper use construction or craft paper. White paper for the body, red for the scarf, orange for the nose, black for the eyes, buttons, and hat.

Glue stick or white glue.

Pair of scissors, for kids use kid safe scissors. Supervise kids when working with scissors.

Optional craft materials: buttons, pom poms, googly eyes, and tissue paper.


Build a Snowman Instructions


1. Download the free printable snowman craft file. Make sure to have a pdf reader to open the file.

2. Print the file out at home on your home printer or at a print shop. I prefer to print on cardstock paper because it is thicker for adding glue and craft supplies. However, if you are simply gluing it together with a glue stick printer paper works fine.

3.Cut out the shapes from the snowman template. There are three circle shapes for the body. Then a hat, scarf, nose, eyes, and buttons.

4. Use a solid color background paper such as blue for the sky, gray for a dark snow storm, or red for a festive look.

5. Glue the circles onto the background paper with a glue stick. Stack them one on top of the other biggest to smallest.

6. Now it is time to decorate your snowman. Color in the snowman pieces or trace them on construction paper. Then cut them out and they are ready to be added to your snowman. Add arms, buttons, eyes, nose, scarf, and a hat with a glue stick.

7. On the picture you can add trees in the background, snow on the ground, and snowflakes in the sky. Make the extra decorations with paper, paint, or even color them on the paper.

8. Now you have a cute snowman to hang up for decorations, add to a bulletin board, or hang on the fridge.

Other Snow and Snowman Craft Ideas


Need some more creative activities for winter crafts. Make any of these other fun ideas.

1. Make a paper plate snowman face. Add buttons for the mouth and eyes. Then a paper carrot nose. Kids could also paint on a snowman face. Simple snowman crafting. Add black paper for the snowman top hat.

2. Make play doh snowmen. Just use white play doh, black, and orange. Roll the play doh into balls then stack them up and finally make a fun face.

3. Make a cotton ball snowman. You can use the circle shapes from the free snowman template to trace on paper. and make snowman outlines. Then add cotton balls with white glue on the paper. Let it dry then add then make a paper snowman face to add on top.

4. Make a snowflake wand. I made snowflake wands in the past and they were a huge hit with kids.

5. Use the snowmen for snowman coloring pages. Coloring is such a simple activity.

6. Popsicle stick snowman. Paint popsicle sticks white. Then decorate them to look like a snowman.

7.Make a melted snowman. This is an easy craft using a paper plate, tissue paper or cotton balls, buttons, and orange paper. Put them on a blue paper plate add all of the materials for the melted snowman. Then cover it with plastic wrap or a clear plate.

I hope you had fun making a fun snowman craft. This adorable snowman craft is such a fun and easy craft with kids.

Free Printable Snowman Templates

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