Free Printable Christmas Stocking Outline for Crafts

Free Printable Christmas Stocking Templates elf sizes and crafting sizes

Free Printable Christmas Stocking Outline


The stockings were hung by the Chimney with care! Santa claus is coming to town and that means we need to hang our stockings on Christmas Eve. It is the most wonderful time of the year for time with family and making holiday crafts. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is hanging the stockings up and decorating the Christmas tree. We live in the hot desert so I never had a chimney to hang them on but we hung them on the wall with cute Christmas decorations.

Are you looking for a fun craft this holiday season? I’ve got you covered! These adorable paper stockings can be used for crafting with kids or as decorations for a party. If you need a fun and simple free printable Christmas stocking template I have a few options for you to choose from. Use the templates to work on fine motor skills with young kids. Crafting is great for working on those skills without kids realizing they are doing any work. The template can also be used to make a stocking with fabric but sewing is not my specialty so I will leave that to the professionals for directions on sewing. I am a master at gluing though!

Christmas crafting with the kids is the most fun. Put on some Christmas music, drink some hot chocolate, and make cute crafts. These templates can be used for crafting with kids at home or in a classroom. The best part is you can make use printable stocking templates to make stockings that actually fits little goodies like mini candy canes. They are perfect for treat bags or class projects this Christmas season.

Choose from a few different options to make your own Christmas stockings. I have a few blank options that can be used to decorate and make a real little stocking. Put a candy cane and packet of hot chocolate inside for a group of kids. Kids of all ages will absolutely love it!

If you are looking for some other winter fun I have Christmas tree printables and Christmas hats too!


8 Free Printable Christmas Stocking PatternsĀ 


First is the simplest version of the stocking. This one is an outline of the stocking with nothing filled in. I would use the stocking shapes for tracing on construction paper to make a stocking. Then you have a blank slate for kids to use their creativity and craft however they want. This template is very versatile and great for making a paper stocking.

CLICK HERE for the large stocking outline.

Stocking Oultine Large free printable

CLICK HERE for the medium stocking outline.

Stocking Outline Medium free printable


CLICK HERE for the small stocking outline. The small size is perfect for making homemade Christmas cards with kids. Just use a Christmas color for the card and stocking.

Stocking Outline Small free printable


CLICK HERE for the smallest outline. These are cute for elf stockings.

Stocking smaller with hanger



Next is a basic stocking with a few simple details. The stocking outline is still simple for crafting purposes but it is not completely blank. It is a traditional stocking shape. This outline comes in three sizes small, medium, and large. This way it can be used in many ways including for party decorations, coloring, and crafting. The small sizes are great for food toppers and the large sizes are perfect for decorating then making a garland.

CLICK HERE for the large size stocking.

free printable large stocking


CLICK HERE for the medium size stocking.

free printable medium stocking for crafts

The next outline gives a slightly different shape. This template is a very simple outline great for crafting with kids. This can be used to make your own stocking or use the free printables to decorate bulletin boards during the holidays. This template also comes in a medium and large size. It is great to have different sizes to choose from for holiday fun. Add paint, glitter, pom poms, or tissue paper to the templates for fun Christmas crafts.

CLICK HERE for the large stocking outline.

stocking outline template for crafts

Then you will find a medium size stocking outline. These are great for making crafts with a large group of kids. The slightly smaller size is easier to take home from school or store at home.

CLICK HERE for the medium size stocking outline.

free printable stocking outline



Christmas Stocking Supplies


If you are making a stocking craft you will need some craft supplies!

Free printable pdf file for personal use, not commercial use. Feel free to print it out a bunch of times for a group of kids.

White printer paper or cardstock paper. If you are crafting directly on the paper then use cardstock because it is thicker.

Red construction paper or cardstock paper. You can use other fun colors like green, gold, or even pink! I like traditional Christmas colors but kids sometimes want to make it their own. A thicker material such as craft foam or felt can be used to make a long lasting stocking.

Cotton balls

Tape, staples, or glue. For the kids gluing things on use glue sticks. If you are connecting two stocking templates an adult can add staples or packaging tape around the edges.

Optional: fun embellishments such as glitter, stickers, tissue paper, and pom poms.


Making A Stocking Craft


To make a simple stocking craft first you will need to print out the pdf file on your home printer or at a print shop. If you are crafting directly on the sheet print on card stock paper.

Next if kids are coloring they should color directly on the sheet of paper. Color it in with colored pencils, crayons, or markers. It can also be painted on with water colors or washable paints.

If you are making a stocking on red paper the Christmas stocking outline can be printed directly on red paper if it is 8.5×11″ paper. It can also be printed out on printer paper. Then take the red stocking shape and trace it on red paper. Then cut out the stocking shapes.

Next it is time to decorate your stockings! Lay out fun craft materials for kids to decorate the stocking. For example cotton balls for the top, glitter(if you are bold enough to use glitter), glitter glue, Christmas stickers, pom poms, tissue paper, and ribbon.

Help kids glue or tape on their decorations depending on their age. If they are old enough to do it independently then let them use their own creativity to decorate their stocking.

Punch a hole in left top corner of the stocking.

Put a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie it about 3 inches above the stocking. This should give you enough room to hang it.

You can also glue ribbon to the back if there is not room to punch a hole for hanging.

Now you have an adorable easy craft and Christmas stocking made by kids! Use these Christmas stocking templates for any crafts or diy projects you want. Make handmade stockings, cards, or decorations with these stocking templates. Feel free to also use my Christmas tree templates, gingerbread men, reindeer antlers, and ugly sweater templates for more crafting fun!

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