Free Printable Flower Bouquet Craft

free printable flower bouquet templates

Printable Flower Bouquet Template


Who doesn’t get happy when you see flowers? I have been seeing wild spring flowers blooming all around and that makes me want to do some flower crafts. These flowers can be used for flower coloring pages or a printable flowers craft for kids. Kids of all ages will have a blast coloring flowers.

You don’t have to have flowers outside to make a bouquet of flowers with these easy paper flower bouquets. I will show you ways to use the pdf file for coloring and crafting fun. Pick your favorite colors for the flower coloring sheet and bring the flowers to life.

What can you do with the free printable beautiful flowers?


Make a paper flower bouquet with the flower bouquet templates. Cut and paste the flowers together. This way kids can work on fine motor skills and put the craft together. Use the coloring version or already colored in version.

For special occasions. Show someone you know that you care for a birthday or mother’s day. Have kids color in the cute flowers and give it as a sweet gift.

Flower bouquet coloring pages. Use them as just that coloring pages. It is so relaxing to just color in the flowers and see them come to life. For kids or adults.

Make a pretty card with blooming flowers. Color the printable of your choice, cut it out and put it on a sheet of colorful paper, and fold it into a card. This is perfect for an easy mother’s day craft.

Make a fun craft for kids by putting the cute flower on craft sticks that you paint green for stems. Add pipe cleaners for leaves or on the flowers.

Create fun 3d art by adding paper stems, butterflies, or grass popping forward on the page to make the coloring pages even more fun.

Use them for a gift tag.

Materials for the printable flower bouquets:

The digital download for non-commercial use. You can print out as many times as you need for personal use at home or in a classroom. It comes in pdf format so you will need a pdf reader. Choose your flower bouquet template at the bottom of this post.

White paper either cardstock or printer paper.

Crayons, markers, or watercolors in different colors.

For cards colorful craft or cardstock paper.

If cutting them out scissors and glue stick.

Optional: pipe cleaners, gem stickers, tissue paper, or craft sticks.

Lets get started making a pretty flower bouquet!

  1. Download the digital file of your choice I have a few options of bouquets to choose from depending on your preference and what you are doing with the flower bouquets. For older kids they might want a more detailed flower to color and younger kids might need a very basic flower.
  2. Print out the flower coloring sheets on a home printer or at a local print shop. I prefer white cardstock paper but printer paper will do as well.
  3. The easiest way to use these printables is to color, paint with watercolors, or use markers to color in the pictures. Add as much detail and shading as you want.
  4. For printable mothers day crafts you might want to add some personalization like a personal message for mom, grandma, or any other person you love.
  5. Cut them out and make bouquet wraps with tissue paper or colorful paper. Fold it around the flowers and tie a ribbon in a bow around it.
  6. For just a spring time craft have kids cut out the flower bouquet and paste it onto a background.
  7. Have kids decorate these bouquets and make a banner or other party decorations. Perfect for a springtime party or mother’s day celebration. This could also work for a class celebration or have kids decorate them to put on a spring bulletin board.

There are so many different ways to use the printable template for just coloring or making crafts. I also have tulip coloring sheets and craft templates if you love tulips. These ones I used a variety of flowers. Do you like daisies, sunflowers, poppies, roses, or carnations? There are so many beautiful flowers in the world I can’t name them all and I can’t choose just one as a favorite.That is why you don’t have to choose just one download one or many bouquets of beautiful flowers.

You can also mix and match what the flowers come in. Do you want flowers in a vase, pot, rain boot, umbrella, or wrapped in a bouquet? They don’t only have to come one way. I have separate templates for vases and pots if you want to mix and match.

outside of flower bouquet flowers template for bouquet

Get the flower wrap CLICK HERE

Get the cut and paste flowers CLICK HERE

sunflower bouquet for coloring or crafts

For the sunflower bouquet CLICK HERE

I hope you had fun crafting and creating flowers! Feel free to reuse these templates to make a floral picture with as many templates as you desire.

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