Free Kids Earth Day Hat Printable Craft

Free Printable Earth Day Headbands for kids craft


Free Printable Earth Day Hat


Happy Earth Day! Earth day is April 22nd and it is a great time to do a fun earth day craft. This free printable earth day hat is perfect for teaching kids about the earth. They can color it in or just cut and tape it together with this fun activity. It is a classic preschool craft for little kids, kindergarten students, and even for elementary school kids.

It is important for young children to learn about the earth and what we can do to take care of our earth. I will add some ways for kids to learn about helping the earth with educational activities. Also, at the end of this post I will add some fun earth facts.

Who can use this earth day printable headband?

Kids of all ages can use this earth day headband. It is perfect for an entire class. The free earth day hat pdf file is for personal use but can be printed out as many times as needed. Use it at home with your own kids for easy earth day crafts. This is a perfect way to celebrate earth day for young kids.


What skills does this craft work on?


Fine motor skills. Coloring and cutting are two ways for kids to work on fine motor skills.

Learning about the earth. Teaching kids at a young age about helping the earth will help them care about the earth for the rest of their lives.


How can kids help take care of our planet?


Earth day is a great opportunity to teach kids about environmental protection. We can make a big impact on the planet, especially our local area.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. I learned about the 3Rs as a kid and it always stuck with me. We can reduce the amount we use such as turn off the water while we brush our teeth, not use plastic straws, and use reusable bags at the grocery store. Reuse, I love reusing materials for crafting such as egg cartons, empty toilet paper rolls, and boxes. Recycle, teach kids to look on the bottom of packaging for the recycle symbol. To help teach them about recycling have a few items out and see if they can figure out what ones can be recycled.

Plant a garden or trees. Learning about how to grow food is important for kids. Not only will kids be more likely to eat those veggies they grew but it can teach them about the importance of plants for the air we breathe. Try to buy local foods as well to teach them about reducing their carbon footprint by eating food that is grown in the area.

Pick up trash. Go on a nature walk or even if you go on a walk in the neighborhood bring a bag and gloves with to pick up trash. Teach kids to leave nothing behind when they go out in public. At the beach we lived by everyone used to say only leave your footprints.

Think of ways with your kids to conserve energy. Turning off lights and unplugging things they aren’t using.

Learn about the local wildlife. What wildlife around you is endangered and what ways can they be protected? If you have a local wildlife center near you Earth Day is a great time to visit and see the local wildlife.

Go to a plant nursery and pick out local plants to plant. Certain plants are important to our local environment, learn about them and how to help them thrive.

Go to a local library to check out books on the earth. This way you are reusing books and learning about the earth.

What other fun earth day activity can you do to go along with this planet earth craft?

Some of my favorite earth day activities are:

Decorating flower pots and planting seeds.

A handprint earth craft.

Make a coffee filter planet earth with coffee filters and color in the colors of the earth with markers.

Upcycling crafts. Reuse materials to make a craft.

Make upcycled plastic suncatchers.

Make a bird feeder with a toilet paper roll, peanut butter, and bird seed. This is one of those classic hands-on activities kids love.

Nature scavenger hunt. Learn about the local plants and flowers by searching for certain plants in your backyard. You can make toilet paper roll binoculars to go with this activity.

Make earth day sensory bins. Use rice or beans dyed blue or green. Shredded paper would also work. Add a tiny recycle bin and trash bin. You can make these with paper. Then sort items into the trash and recycling bins.


6 fun Earth Day Hat Templates.


All of the templates will need extra bands to attach the hats on the sides and around the back of a child’s head.

CLICK HERE for the extra bands.


First is a large earth in black and white. This is a simple headband to color and wear.

CLICK HERE for the large black and white earth headband.

free printable Earth Headband Black and White Large


Next is a version in color. This is great for an earth day party hat.

CLICK HERE for the large black and white earth headband.

free printable Earth Headband Color Large


This earth has a cute face because we want the earth happy! It is in color and makes for a great earth day party hat.

CLICK HERE for the large smiling color earth headband.


free printable Earth Headband Color Smiley Large


Next is a smaller earth in black and white. This one says happy earth day!

CLICK HERE for the happy earth day black and white hat.

free printable Earth day headband Happy Earth Day coloring


This one is the same as the last hat but in color. I like to provide both options for different needs.

CLICK HERE for the happy earth day color hat.

free printable Earth day headband Happy Earth Day

The next option doesn’t have writing but has space for kids to write on the bottom.

CLICK HERE for the black and white version.

CLICK HERE for the color version.

Earth Headband Small Earth black and white free printable


Craft supplies to make an Earth Day Headband:


Since this is an earth day craft we wont use a lot of materials to stay friendly with the earth. You will need the printable pdf digital file. Once you get the free printable pick which option you need. There are two earth day hat templates and earth day crowns to choose from. One has a sentence strip for kids to write how they can help the earth.

White card stock paper. Printer paper is a little too flimsy for this craft. For it to stand up on a child’s head you will need cardstock paper for the best results.

Clear tape to tape the head band together. You can use a stapler as well.


Crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Alright lets get started making an adorable earth day crown!

First you will want to print out the templates on cardstock paper. You can print it on printer paper and trace the template on to construction paper. This way would be more work but construction paper can work with cut out earth shapes.

Let kids decorate the template with colored pencils, markers, or crayons. If you want it to look like a traditional earth have only blue and green crayons available. Let them get creative with how they decorate it and let the think about how they want the earth to be in the future.

Once they are done coloring the headband cut out the strips of the headband. Depending on the age of the kids they can help cut out the pieces with adult supervision.

Then measure around the kids head to get the right size. I try to add enough strip that it will probably be too long to begin with but cut it down to get the right size.

Once you have it cut to the right size tape the ends together or staple them together. I would staple with the sharp part facing out and obviously not while it is on the kids head.

It is such an easy low prep craft for kids for an earth day theme week! Learning about the earth and how to help it can be fun for kids and adults.

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