Free Printable Bunny Ears Craft

Free printable bunny ears craft to wear


Printable Bunny Ears


Easter time is around the corner! Make these cute bunny ears using the free printable bunny ear template to use for your Easter party. The bunny ears can be used for party hats at an easter celebrations and are fun for kids of all ages.

The easter bunny hat comes in a few different designs. There will be one to just decorate and cut out. One with a bunny face, and one with bigger Ears to color, cut, and add on to the bands. This is such a fun Easter activity and a simple craft for kids of all ages.

Crafting is great for working on kids fine motor skills. It also works on hand eye coordination. I also have found kids love a craft they can wear such as hats and masks.

If you need some other fun Easter printables such as just a plain bunny template to decorate use these simple bunny templates there are big and little bunnies. There is also an Easter cross template.

The free printable template is a pdf file for personal use, non commercial use. However, feel free to print out the templates multiple times for a group. To get the free download all you have to do is click on the CLICK HERE button above the image of the bunny ears you want to use. Then download the file, print it out on white paper. For headbands card stock paper works best because it is thicker and will stay upright better.


3 Free Printable Easter Bunny Headbands


There are 3 free printables cute designs to choose from. Pick the one you want or more than one for kids to make their own easter bunny ears. You can use them for parties or put them in a kids Easter basket.

The first headband has small ears. This is a great template for smaller kids. They can just color in the bunny ears and then wear the bunny ears. You can also add tissue paper for the center of the ears.

CLICK HERE for the small ears template.

Bunny Ears Small free printable

Next are some bigger ears. These are on a separate page because they are taller. They can be taped or glued on to the bands for the headband.

CLICK HERE for the tall ears template.

CLICK HERE for the bands.


large bunny ears printable for headband

Last is a cute bunny face for the hat. This one is super cute. Just add the whole bunny face on to the headband.

CLICK HERE for the bunny face template.

bunny face for bunny hat printable



Craft Supplies Needed:


Card stock or construction paper


Tape, glue stick, or stapler

Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

Optional: tissue paper, googly eyes, or pom poms


How to make Easter Bunny Hat


  1. First thing you will want to download the pdf file with a pdf reader.
  2. Print out the template on white printer paper or white card stock paper.
  3. Next if you want to you can trace the template on to construction paper. Use white, light brown, or even pink paper.
  4. For coloring kids can color directly on to the printed out sheet of paper. Color in the inside of the bunny ears with pink or any other fun colors.
  5. Next cut out the pieces of paper around the thick black lines.
  6. If you are attaching the ears or face use glue or tape to attach them. For the ears tape them underneath one headband piece facing up in the middle of the piece slightly spread out. For the face tap or glue it to the front of the headband piece in the middle.
  7. Attach additional pieces to the right side and left side. Use the first two band pieces to trace more pieces. Add as many as you need to fit around the child’s head. You can start with two pieces and see if that is large enough but three pieces should work.
  8. Measure around each kids head. Then attach it in the back with tape. You can take off the hat and add a staple facing outward to secure the headband. However, a strong tape should work.
  9. Then cut off any extra of the side pieces.
  10. You can add a little pom pom in the back for a tail or googly eyes in the front.
  11. That’s it you are done, easy peasy you have your own bunny ears!

This rabbit headband craft is great for pretend play, Easter parties, and for a classroom activity learning about bunnies. Kids can wear them during an Easter egg hung or while decorating Easter eggs.

Other Easter Parties Activities


If you are looking for other fun ideas for your Easter celebration. Here are a few fun activities to celebrate.

Make peep houses. This one is fun and easy. Use chick peeps, edible candy grass, frosting, and gram crackers to make peep houses. You can set out supplies and have an example house for kids to make.

Decorate Easter eggs. This of course is a classic. Use fun ways to dye eggs such as tie dye, shaving cream marble dye, or tissue paper. You can also just use the traditional method with food coloring tablets.

Easter bingo. Print out Easter bingo cards for a fun way to get everyone involved.

Bunny races. This is a fun activity for kids. Kids can hop from one end of the yard or room to the other and see who gets there fastest. Have obstacles and make it a team game.

Confetti eggs. Fill plastic eggs with tissue paper or a natural confetti. Then kids collect the eggs and get to pour confetti on each others heads. You can fill real eggs with confetti it just will take a lot of saving eggs and filling them up.

Glow egg hunt. This one is funĀ  for older kids. Fill eggs with candy and flow sticks. Then they can find eggs in the dark from their glow. Last year we went to a glow hunt and the kids all loved it!

I hope you had fun making a super cute bunny hat! These cute bunny Ears are the best easy craft for kids to make for Easter festivities.

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