30 Free Printable Heart Templates and Stencils

free printable heart templates and stencils

Heart Stencil Printable


Love is in the air! Use these cute free printable heart templates for crafts, decorations, and classroom use. These are great for valentines day projects or any time of year to spread the love. Here you will find a variety of heart outlines in different shapes and sizes.

These hearts are great for projects with kids from preschool through elementary school. Use them to work on fine motor skills with kids, hand eye coordination, and exploring their creativity. Crafting is good for the heart and crafting with hearts is so much fun!

The different sizes of hearts can be used to make cards. They also are great for Valentine’s Day projects and Valentine’s Day parties. There are templates for heart picture frames, cards, and heart paper chains.

Just pick the template of your choice, download the pdf file, and print it out on cardstock or printer paper. Find the CLICK HERE button above each template picture to download that template.

If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day fun I have a ton of Valentine’s Day gift tags and these Valentine’s candy poppers are so fun.

30 Heart Sizes and Patterns


There are three different styles of hearts. All heart shapes come in a variety of sizes as well as colors. Choose one free heart template or download them all for a heart stencil.

First you will find a large rounded heart outline. This larger heart is the perfect size for school projects. Kids can paint or color the large heart. Print it out on white paper or colorful paper in an 8.5×11″ size. It would also work great for decorating a door. Use large hearts to decorate or a variety of sizes.

CLICK HERE for the large heart.

free printable conversation heart style round


This one also has a large size with 2 hearts on a page.

CLICK HERE for the 2 hearts.


The second third heart template comes with four hearts on a page. Use this heart for a heart stencil or trace it on construction paper to make decorations. Make love notes by putting line paper on the hearts.

CLICK HERE for the medium size hearts.

medium round heart template conversation heart style

Next is the small heart template. These are great for crafting with a group of kids for a heart art project. Having more per sheet means you have less sheets to print out. Stack a few pages together to cut out more at one time.

CLICK HERE for the small mini heart template.

small conversation heart style free printables


The round shape hearts are perfect for looking like conversation heart! These hearts have bright colors. Leave them blank or write on sweet sayings.

CLICK HERE for the free printable conversation heart style.

colorful hearts printable template


This template has a variety of sizes of heart shapes. If you need small and large shapes this one is for you. Use them for party decorations including banners, cupcake toppers, and table decorations. The various sizes can work for making cards and crafts.

CLICK HERE for the variety of hearts blank template.

CLICK HERE for variety of colorful hearts template.

variety of heart stencil sizes

variety of red and pink hearts template printable


The second heart shape template has more of a point at the bottom. This large heart shape cut out is also great for heart crafts. It is the full size of a page. I love using large hearts for painting projects. This one is also great for crafts and decorations. It works well for hearts stencil. There is a blank version, red, and pink.

CLICK HERE for the blank one.

CLICK HERE for the red.

CLICK HERE for the pink.

Large pointed heart templatelarge red heart template printablelarge pink heart template printable


Here is the second largest size for the pointed heart. Make a fun heart garland with this size or hanging hearts. Decorate bulletin boards for a fun classroom decoration.

CLICK HERE for the blank heart.

CLICK HERE for the red.

CLICK HERE for the pink.

medium heartmedium red heart template printablemedium pink heart template printable




Then there is the small hearts size with 4 hearts on a page. The medium hearts are very versatile. Use these heart cutouts for different smaller projects. They can be used for Valentine’s Day decorations.

CLICK HERE for the small heart stencils.

medium heart with pointed bottom free printable


There is an even smaller version with 6 hearts on a sheet in the colors red and pink.

CLICK HERE for the red.

CLICK HERE for the pink.

small red heart template printable small pink heart template printable



The last heart shape is kind of in between the shapes of the other two. It has a roundish shape but not as rounded as the first heart shape.

The first heart is a large shape. This heart stencil is great for crafts with young kids and can be used for a chalk or painting activity.

CLICK HERE for the large heart shape.

round heart large stencil


The next size of hearts is a medium size with two hearts on a paper. You can print out the page multiple times to craft with groups. This size is very versatile for crafts and decorations. These free printables are great for making banners or decorating bulletin boards. I would print it on card stock paper if you are making banners.

CLICK HERE for the medium size stencil and template.

medium round heart template and stencil

This is the smallest size in this shape of heart. A fun idea for these hearts is to write a reason you love your kid every day in February leading up to Valentine’s Day. Then tape it to their door or put the hearts in their lunchbox as a simple and sweet note.

CLICK HERE for the small heart.

small round heart template and stencil


Do you need a heart card? These hearts are attached together. Simply cut out the shapes, fold in between the hearts, and make your own card. This template is great for kids to use and make Valentine’s Day cards for loved ones. The card comes in red on the outside or black and white.

CLICK HERE for the black and white card.

CLICK HERE for the red card.

black and white heart card template red heart card template


The next heart card design lifts up from the top. This one comes in color and black an white as well.

CLICK HERE for the blank heart card.

CLICK HERE for the pink heart card.

CLICK HERE for the red heart card.

free printable flip up heart card free printable flip up heart card pink free printable flip up heart card red


This next hear is half a heart. There is a large and medium size. They can be used for cards or craft when making a 3d heart. The large size can be used with a bigger piece of paper that has been folded in half.

CLICK HERE for the large size.

CLICK HERE for the medium size.

large half heart medium half heart


Are you wanting to make a paper chain heart? These are cute for decor!

CLICK HERE for the heart paper chain.

heart paper chain template


Last but not least is a heart frame. This is cute to put a kids drawing in the middle or a cute picture of your kid. They can decorate the outside of the heart too. This one also comes in a few colors and sizes. Use the smaller sizes to make a cute necklace for a loved one. They can also go on a card with a picture in the middle. How cute would that be for a gift to grandma!

CLICK HERE for the heart frame.

CLICK HERE for the large pink heart frame.

heart picture frame printablelarge heart picture frame pink


This smaller size is cute for kids to craft and decorate. They can color directly on the sheet of paper and then cut it out. Insert a picture in the middle and you have a cute heart picture frame.

CLICK HERE for the smaller heart picture frame.

free printable heart picture frame medium size


Craft Supplies


The pdf printable files. For personal use, non-commercial use but print it out as many times as you your heart desires.

White cardstock or printer paper.

Colorful construction paper or cardstock paper


Glue stick

String, yarn, or ribbon

Optional: googly eyes, glitter glue, glitter, pipe cleaners, or tissue paper


Heart Art Projects


If you are looking for some ideas for how to use these hearts for craft projects here are a few easy ways to use the hearts for crafts. If you are using paint or lots of glue on the paper make sure to use cardstock paper because it is thicker than printer paper.

1. Heart string art. Wrap string or yarn around the hearts for a fun activity that works on fine motor skills.

2. Lacing activity. Punch holes in along the edge of the heart. Have kids string yarn or ribbon through the holes. For yarn add tape wrapped around the edge so it doesn’t unravel.

3. Heart people! Trace the large heart on construction paper then cut it out. Add googly eyes, draw on a smile, accordion style legs and arms. Then little heart hands and feet with the small hearts. Now you have a heart person.

4. Marble paint the hearts. Dip marbles in paint and then roll them over the heart templates for a fun way to paint the hearts.

5. Tissue paper hearts. Add glue to the heart shape. Then have kids add small squares of tissue paper to the top. Use Valentine’s Day colors such as pink and red.

6. Heart picture frames! Cut out a square in the middle of the heart. Have kids decorate the outside of the heart with pom poms, glitter, or tissue paper. Then add a picture in the middle of the kid.

7. Take a picture of kids blowing a kiss. Then print and cut out the picture gluing it on white paper. Add small hearts to the side they blew the kiss.

8. Make a heart hot air balloon craft.

I hope you have fun with these free heart templates for different craft projects. Find the perfect heart for you and use it for diy projects or a Valentine’s Day party.


heart craft templates free printable

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