Free Printable Hot Air Balloon Templates and Coloring Pages

hot air balloon templates and coloring pages


Free Printable Hot Air Balloon Templates and Coloring Pages


Hot air balloons are so fun to watch in the sky and they are also fun for crafts with kids. These printable hot air balloon craft templates and coloring pages are so easy to use for simple crafts. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or a crafter, these simple designs offer tons of creative fun for kids of all ages. From simple coloring sheets to paper crafting projects you can use the free printable hot air balloon templates many ways.

A few ways to use these templates are crafts, coloring, and party decorations. They would be perfect for a baby shower, bulletin board decorations, and coloring with kids.

To use the templates all you have to do is click on the CLICK HERE button above the image for the template you need. Once you have opened it all you have to do is print out the digital file. The files are all in pdf format and you will need a pdf reader to open them. The hot air balloons are for personal use, but feel free to print it out a bunch of times for a group.

If you are looking for other fun craft templates for kids I have a bunch of options. Check out this fun gumball machine template and a pretty sunflower. All of these templates can be used for coloring and crafting.


5 Hot Air Balloon Craft Templates


The hot air balloons come in a few shapes, each with different designs and sizes. These high-resolution templates are perfect for a range of craft projects. A few ways to use them include paper plate hot air balloons, bulletin board displays, invitations, or cards. Using a blank template, the possibilities are endless for kids to use their creativity.

The first hot air balloon is a large blank hot air balloon template. This one is a blank slate for using creativity and making crafts. The large size is great for small kids.

CLICK HERE for the large blank hot air balloon template.

large blank hot air balloon template


The blank template also comes in a medium size. This size can be used for making cards or 3d hot air balloons.

CLICK HERE for the medium blank hot air balloon.

medium blank hot air balloon template


The next design has more details. It is still simple to make it your own. Use these hot air balloons for decorations, coloring, or crafting.

CLICK HERE for the large hot air balloon.

large hot air balloon for crafts or coloring

The medium size of this design can be used to make a banner or for kids to decorate with craft materials.

CLICK HERE for the medium size hot air balloon.

medium hot air balloon template for crafts and coloring


The next size is a small template template is perfect for making cards and puppets. Use these for imaginative play with kids.

CLICK HERE for the small size hot air balloons.

small size hot air balloons template


Free Printable Hot Air Balloon Coloring Pages


These printable hot air balloons work great for coloring pages. They can be fun for young kids to decorate. TheĀ  simple design and thick lines are good for young kids. Older kids can add more designs to the hot air balloon. These coloring sheets are not only a fantastic idea for kids to color, but also a great way to spend time with your kids coloring too! Simply grab your crayons, colored pencils, or markers. Then get coloring!

Hot Air Balloon Craft Ideas


There are many ways you can use these hot air balloon templates. Here are a few different ways to use the hot air balloon cutouts for crafts!

Use glue and tissue paper to decorate the hot air balloon. This is such an easy crafting technique and a low mess craft. Fill each section with a different color of tissue paper.

Make a hot air balloon puppet. Attach the hot air balloon printable to a popsicle stick by adding a piece of tape and make it into a puppet.

Sun catcher! Make a hot air balloon sun catcher by cutting out the outline and cut out the inside of the hot air balloon. Then add the outline to contact paper sticky side up. Kids can add pieces of tissue paper to the contact paper to make it into a sun catcher. Then add another piece of contact paper to the top of the outline. Cut around the edges to keep the hot air balloon shape. Finally hang it up in the window to see the sun shine through the hot air balloon.

Make hot air balloon cards. Use the small size hot air balloons to decorate a card. You can make it 3d by cutting out 3 hot air balloons, folding them in half, and gluing them together. Then glue them on to the front of a card.

Use them for Valentines. All you have to do is write love is in the air to make a cute Valentine. Color it in and add a piece of candy to the front.

Color recognition. Use the smaller size for a color matching game with young kids. Print the balloons on different colors of paper. Then cut them out and have kids match the colors. This is a great preschool activity.

Explore various crafting techniques using the templates, such as creating 3D hot air balloon cutouts using tissue paper or a paper plate hot air balloon. Add pipe cleaners or cotton balls for a textured effect. Use the templates to create party banners and cupcake toppers.


Hot Air Balloon Interesting Facts


Wow your kids with a few fun hot air balloon facts!

The first hot air balloon took off in France in 1783.

The hot air balloon that went the highest was up 22,000 feet!

They cannot fly in the rain.

They do not have an engine, the hot air in the balloon makes the balloon rise because hot air rises.


Digital Downloads


All templates are available as digital downloads, giving you quick and easy access for your craft project. First download the digital pdf file. Then print it out on white printer paper, cardstock paper, or colorful paper. You can also send the file to a local print shop to print or order prints online.

With the free printable hot air balloon craft templates and coloring pages, you’re set for hours of fun and creativity. Whether you’re a teacher looking for bulletin board ideas or a parent seeking a simple yet engaging activity for your kids, these designs will fill many needs. So, gather your crafting supplies, dive into the world of colorful hot air balloons, and let your imagination take flight.

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