31 Free Printable Valentines Day Tags

free printable valentines gift tags for kids and adults


Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags


Are you looking for some fun free printable Valentine’s Day gift tags. These adorable Valentine’s gift tags have something for everyone. Whether you are giving a simple candy gift to a friend or need class Valentine’s for your kids you will find a tag here.

It is the season of love! That means lots of Valentine’s celebrations, gifts, and of course parties. Many of these tags are geared towards kids and class parties. I love themes and many of these are fun with toys that fit a theme. They all can be added to candy too!

To use the free Valentine printables simple click on the CLICK HERE button above the image of the free Valentine’s tag you want, then download the image, and print. They all come in pdf format so you will need a pdf reader. All of these printables are for personal use, non-commercial use. However, you can print them out multiple times. You can also use multiple Valentine’s. Print them on white printer paper or card stock paper. They also can be printed on sticker paper for fun sticker tags. You can cut out the tags individually or use a paper cutter. Then use a hole punch to punch a hole on the top circle or

These tags are great for little gifts, party favors, and handing out to friends. Attach to candy, popcorn, conversation hearts, gifts, or snack mixes.

If you want more fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day make these cute candy poppers or make some conversation heart decorations.

31 + Free Printable Valentine Gift Tags


For now I have 31 free Valentine’s day printables to choose from but I will be adding more tags over time. They are so fun to make and use! To access the tag simply click on the CLICK HERE button above the image of the tag. This will allow you to access the pdf file as long as you have a a pdf reader for the digital file. Then print it out on cardstock paper or white paper.

The first fun tags printable is for popcorn. This is a nice alternative to candy, even though I love candy. Kids also love popcorn and all you have to do is attach these Valentines to a bag of popcorn.

CLICK HERE for the poppin in to say Happy Valentine’s printable.

Popcorn valentine free printable

The next sweet tags are cute little frog Valentines. There are 6 Valentine’s on a sheet of paper. This one would be fun to use with a little toy or a frog plush.

CLICK HERE for the Valentine I’m so hoppy we are friends Valentine’s.

free printable frog Valentine


Next is a cute train Valentine. Make a candy train and add a free printable train Valentine.

CLICK HERE for the I choo-choose you Valentine.

free printable train Valentine


This next Valentine is great for sending a letter or gift to a loved on that lives far away.

CLICK HERE for the sending love Valentine.

free printable sending love Valentine tags


Next are some simple and versatile circle tags. These have different designs and on the set of tags.

CLICK HERE for the XOXO and love tag set.

free printable love xoxo gift tags for Valentine's day


These little monsters are adorable for those little monsters!

CLICK HERE for the monster gift tag set.

free printable monster valentines


The next set of gift tags is a square tag that is for any kind of sweet treat. This is the perfect candy tag. The printable comes with 4 large tags on a sheet.

CLICK HERE for the square treat tags.

free printable treat gift tags

Up next is a Beary adorable tag(see what I did there?). These bears are the cutest little Valentine’s tags for Valentine’s Day Gifts.

CLICK HERE for the I’m beary glad we are friends tags.


free printable bear gift tags for Valentine's


Bees are great for Valentine’s for boys and girls of all ages.

CLICK HERE for the bee my Valentine tags.

free printable bee gift tags for Valentine's

These tags have a bit of a vintage look with some lighter colors. This one comes in two color options the lighter colors and more bright red.

CLICK HERE for the beige love is in the air tag.

CLICK HERE for the red and blue tag.


free printable beige hot air balloon gift tags for Valentine's


free printable hot air balloon red and blue gift tags for Valentine's

These cute butterflies are fun for a Valentine. They also come with cute caterpillars on the sheet. These would be fun with gummy bugs.

CLICK HERE for the bug tags.

free printable bugs gift tags for Valentine's

How about some cute dinosaurs. I went with some softer colors to make these dinos look cute and cuddly!

CLICK HERE for the Valentine You Are Dino-Mite tags.


free printable dinosaur gift tags for Valentine's

I love these cute gumball machines for a fun gift tag to go with gumballs or even a pack of gum.

CLICK HERE for the large I chews you gift tags.

CLICK HERE for the medium I chews you gift tags.


free printable gum gift tags for Valentine's


This simple tag just says Happy Valentine’s Day. They can be used in many ways since it says Happy Valentine’s Day.

CLICK HERE for the Happy Valentine’s Day tag.

free printable simple square gift tags for Valentine's


Love is in the air and these balloons are so fun for a gift tag with balloons or a balloon gift basket.

CLICK HERE for the love is in the air tag.


free printable balloon gift tags for Valentine's


Here are a simple red heart tag that says Happy Valentine’s Day.

CLICK HERE for the red Happy Valentine’s Day tag.

Heart Valentine's Tag


Fill up a jar with candy or cookies then add this fun tag.

CLICK HERE for the you fill my heart with love tag.

free printable jar gift tags for Valentine's

You are cute as a bug and so are these ladybugs. I love these cute ladybugs for a cute Valentine’s Day tag.

CLICK HERE for the ladybug tags.


free printable lady bug gift tags for Valentine's


Do you need a tag to go with a drink? Make it a love potion with this tag.

CLICK HERE for the love potion tag.


free printable love potion gift tags for Valentine's

Sometimes love stinks and this tag is perfect for the anti-Valentine’s day love crowd. Plus, they are silly.

CLICK HERE for the love stinks tags.

free printable poop gift tags for Valentine's

This one was so cute I made it in two colors. The suckers come in a purple and pink color.

CLICK HERE for the purple tags.

CLICK HERE for the pink tags.

free printable pastel sucker gift tags for Valentine's free printable pink sucker gift tags for Valentine's

This next tag is berry sweet with cute strawberries.

CLICK HERE for the you are berry sweet tag.


free printable berry gift tags for Valentine's


This tag says Valentine, you are dynamite.

CLICK HERE for the dynamite gift tag.

free printable dynamite gift tags for Valentine's

I love these light pink sweet tags.

CLICK HERE for the light pink Happy Valentine’s Day tags.


free printable light pink gift tags for Valentine's

If you like the last one but want a little something extra how about an airplane? These could be super cute with paper airplanes, toy planes, or candy airplanes!

CLICK HERE for the love is in the air tags.


free printable airplane gift tags for Valentine's


The next Valentine is a cute I dig you tag. This tag is great to use with a shovel and candy in a clear bag. It is a simple and cute class Valentine for kids. You can also put toys in the bag.

CLICK HERE for the I dig you Valentine’s printable.

Free printable Valentine I dig you tag


The next design comes in two colors. There is a robot tag in gray/blue and one in pink. Pick the color you like and add the tag to your Valentine’s.

CLICK HERE for the gray robot.

CLICK HERE for the pink robot.

Free printable robot Valentine in gray and pink.


That’s it there are a ton of free printable Valentine tags to choose from for your Valentine’s day party or to hand out to friends. They add a personal touch to any gift.



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