Gumball Machine Free Printable Activity

free printable gum ball machine outline for crafts

Gumball Machine Printable


This gumball machine printable activity is perfect for all kinds of learning. Gum balls are fun and colorful. They are also fun to chew on. Kids love putting a coin in the gum ball machine to get a gum. This gum ball machine template free printable is fun for a summer craft with kids of all ages.

My daughter got a mini gumball machine and she loves it! It also works to fill with colorful candy.

This printable template is an easy craft for little kids and can be used in so many ways. Use the template in different ways for kids of different ages from littles around 3 into elementary school.

Gumball Machine Crafts and Activities:


Use dot markers to fill up the blank gumball machine.

Color matching! Use craft pom poms of different colors. Have kids put red in one, yellow in another, green in one, and even more colors. Have kids use tongs to pick them up and put them in the machines to work on fine motor skills.

Kids can glue the pom poms in to the gumball machine.

For an alphabet craft use it for a G is for gumball craft.

Use scissors to cut out the machines and fun different shapes for shape matching gumballs.

Use the free printables for coloring sheets. Color in the gum balls.

Use the template for a treat bag at birthday parties. Put gumballs or candy in a plastic bag and tape it to the template. Staple the top of the bag to the paper.

For a fun way to celebrate the 100th day of school. 100 gum balls for 100 days! Use a qtip and paint to make small gumballs and fill up that machine!

Gumball math! Write numbers on each gumball machine and kids have to put that many pom poms in the gumball machine. This is a great easy math activity for preschoolers.

For older kids you can use it with real or fake coins to buy gumballs and write a different amount on each of the gumball machines.

Use circle stickers to put in the machines and fill them up. This is another easy way to work on kids fine motor skills.

Materials, this list will depend on what way you choose to use the template:

Free printable pdf file(get this at the end of the post)

Cardstock paper or construction paper


Glue stick or other glue

Colorful pompoms, dot markers, crayons, paint, or stickers to fill it up and make colorful gumballs

Lets get started making a fun gumball machine!

  1. Download the digital template. There are a few options. One with gumballs already on the sheet to put pom poms in or to color in.
  2. If you are an educator with a class you can print the template out as many times as you want for personal use.
  3. You can cut out the craft template and tape it onto a colorful craft paper for a fun backdrop or just use the sheet it come on.
  4. Now is the time to get creative with how to use it.
  5. Glue, color, paint, and make this craft your own.

Other fun gumball machine activities include for older kids a bubble gum blowing contest, make a paper plate gumball machine, make a gumball machine with a red cup, clear ornament, and pom poms, draw a picture of someone blowing a bubble, and blow up balloons for balloon gumballs.

gumball machine outline for crafts and coloring

Download the free gumball outline CLICK HERE

gumball machine template with gumballs for crafts

For the gumball machine with gum balls CLICK HERE


I hope you have fun crafting with these gumball machine templates!

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