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free printable race car templates

Free Printable Race Car Template


Vroom vroom lets make some race cars with race car templates! Just download the free printable pdf file race car craft template and go! This is a fun craft to mix and match for kids to create their own race cars. I’m not going to lie I don’t know much about race cars. However, my son likes to go fast and loves cars. If you have a little lightning mcqueen this craft is perfect!

What can this race car template be used for?


Use this fun race car for a class of kids or kids at home. It is for personal use but print as many times as you need it for a group.

Party decorations, make a banner with multiple cars. Just put them on streamers, yarn, or string. They also can be used for cake toppers or a craft at a race car birthday party. Put one at each spot of a table for name tags with the kids names written on them. Get creative with how you use the template! Free party decorations are the best.

Building a race car with this craft for kids of all ages you just need a couple supplies. I have the cut and paste race cars for easy peasy fun. There is also an outline version to use with colorful paper to make it your own. The last option is color in your own cars. Build a race track and you are off to the races!

This can just be used as a simple coloring sheet for a fast and easy craft. Some kids just love to color. Add different colors to make colorful cars.

Cut and paste craft. Work on cutting skills by cutting along the outlines together with kids. Then paste the pieces together for another simple way to use the race car template. It is so much fun and super simple to do.

A cub scouts activity! Learn about race cars and make your own cars.

What skills does this craft work on?


It is a great way for young kids to work on fine motor skills through cutting(with age appropriate scissors), glue, and coloring. This works on fine motor skills in multiple ways.

If you are looking for other kids crafts that work on fine motor skills I have a cute sunflower building craft!


What you will need to build a race car:


FREE printable race car template digital file (this is for personal non-commercial use but print as many times as you want). There is no physical items just a digital download. There are 3 different printable templates. You can use one or all of the templates.

Printer paper, colorful construction paper, or cards stock paper

Home printer or print at a local print shop. A home color printer if you want the color version.

Glue sticks


Race Car Craft Directions


  1. Print out the printable car template of your choice. Access link at the bottom of the post. Download files and print.
  2. You can save the digital template and use it as a digital coloring page in a program like procreate. It is not an editable template but you can trace and color over the template.I love how versatile digital products can be.
  3. If you are just decorating the template with crayons or paint leave the car on the sheet you printed it on and use it for coloring pages. Color with any crayons you want to use. For younger kids thicker crayons are great for working on building up those fine motor skills.
  4. For the blank template just print out and decorate how you want it to look. Trace the template on to colorful craft paper and make this paper craft by gluing the pieces together. Use pipe cleaners for wheels or other materials to decorate the template.
  5. For the build a car template cut out the pieces from the template.
  6. Glue the bottom of the race car on to the top piece.
  7. Add lights and wheels by gluing them on top of the body of the car.
  8. Make race tracks for the cars to ride on. This can be done with black paper or tape on the ground.
  9. You can also draw a race track background to glue the template on.

I am working on some other fun vehicles to go in a collection for those kiddos that love all things cars, monster trucks, trains, fire trucks, and tractors. My son used to watch a lot of Blippi so I have learned a thing or two about vehicles. That show drives me crazy but it is somewhat educational for learning about vehicles.

Race Car Craft Ideas


Make a bunch of racing cars and have them race around a track. Roll a dice for how far they should move each turn and see who finishes the race first. It’s a great way to make the craft into a game. You can make a race flag to go with the race cars.

Put them on craft sticks to make a puppet show.

Help the kids play by pretending to fill the cars up with gas, pretend wash the cars, and race.

Make a car wash. Add a thick tape such as packaging tape to the cars so they can get wet or put them in a sheet protector. Use cocoa powder for fake dirt or make fake dirt with a dry erase marker. Then kids can use a spray bottle to wash the cars and scrub them off with a sponge.

The possibilities are endless. Let kids use their imagination for how they want to use the race cars. I like to use a template a few ways such as coloring and pretend play to extend the activity. If I can use one craft many ways and not have to prep a new activity it is a win. I know as parents or educators we sometimes put a lot of effort into prep for kids to play with something for only a few minutes. You can print out and put out materials to see what kids want to do with it. This gives them the feeling of control and less effort for you!

make a race car paper craft

Download the Build a Race Car Template CLICK HERE

race car outline for coloring and crafts

Race Car Outline CLICK HERE

race car with man outline for crafts

Race car with man CLICK HERE

I hope you have fun crafting with these cute race cars!

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