St. Patrick’s Day Hat Crafts Free Printables


Free Printable St Patrick's Day Hats to wear

St Patricks Day Hat Printable


Here you will find a variety of St. Patrick’s day hat templates for kids to make and wear. These hats come in different sizes and designs to choose from. This will be a fun activity for kids of all ages.

You can use these hats for pretend play, pretending to be little leprechauns looking for a pot of gold. For a party hat and craft at a St. Patrick’s day celebration, kids can color the hats and wear them at a party. To use in a classroom for a fun craft with young kids. They can even be used for decorations for St. Patrick’s Day!

There are so many free printables to choose from including a coloring version, cut and paste version, and one in color to just cut out and wear. They also come in a few sizes to choose from. This activity is a fun way for kids to work on fine motor skills by coloring, cutting, and gluing.

If you are looking for other leprechaun craft ideas check out these fun free printable leprechaun trap signs and lucky charms marshmallow pops.

5 Free Printable Leprechaun Hat Templates

The first easy leprechaun hat is a colorful one that you simply cut and paste. This is a great easy option for a party top hat.

CLICK HERE for the small color St. Patrick’s day hat

CLICK HERE for the bands for the sides and back of the hat. Use these for all hat designs and print out additional times if you need more bands.


free printable St Patricks Day Hat Color

St Patricks Day Hat Bands printable


The next one is a coloring version of the last hat. This leprechaun hat craft can be decorated with crayons, markers, or other craft supplies.

CLICK HERE for the small coloring St. Patrick’s day hat

free printable St Patricks Day Hat Black and White


The next hat comes in a larger size. The colorful one can be glued on to bands of construction or white card stock paper. This one is a bit taller.

CLICK HERE for the large color St. Patrick’s day hat

free printable St Patricks Day Hat Large Color


The next tall hat is a coloring version. You can use this as an easy coloring page or to make a wearable hat.

CLICK HERE for the large coloring St. Patrick’s day hat

St Patricks Day Hat Large black and white coloring sheet


The next one comes with all separate pieces. You color, cut, and paste them together. They can also be used to trace on construction paper and build a hat.

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste St. Patrick’s day hat

CLICK HERE for the bands for the hat.

free printable Build A Leprechaun Hat Build A Leprechaun Hat Bands printable



Free printable file

​Cardstock paper, printer paper, or construction paper


Glue or clear tape

Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

Additional craft supplies such as stickers, glitter, and pom poms

Making the St. Patrick’s Day Hat

First you will need to download the free download. This is in pdf format, for personal use, non commerical use. You can print out the file several times for a group to use. Print the pdf file at home or at a local print shop. For a sturdier hat print it out on white card stock paper. You can even print the black and white version on green card stock paper. If you are tracing the pieces on construction paper regular printer paper will do.

Next it is time to color and decorate the hat, Even the colorful hat can be decorated with pipe cleaners, pom poms, or glitter. For the black and white versions color them with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Cut out the shapes of the hat and additional bands for the side and back.

Add a band to the right and left side of the center hat piece. If you have a separate hat piece glue it in the middle of a band first, then add additional band. To attach the bands you can use clear packaging tape, a strong glue, or a stapler.

Measure around the child’s head and cut off any extra pieces that are too long. Then attach it in the back with tape, glue, or a stapler.

That’s it now kids can have their own hats to wear for St. Patrick’s Day!

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