Strawberry Template Printable For Kids Craft

Cute Strawberry printables for crafts

Strawberry Template Printable


Are you looking for a sweet summer craft for young kids? This free printable strawberry craft template is perfect for a little summer crafting. When kids are home in the summer it is a great idea to have some crafts on hand to help entertain the kids. Just download the pdf file for the strawberry and get to crafting!

Summer fruits are the cutest for crafting including watermelons, pineapples, and strawberries.

How can you use this strawberry template?


Whether you are a parent, teacher, or teaching summer camp this craft is fun for young kids.

For a simple and cute strawberry paper craft. Cut out the pieces and paste it together to build a strawberry. You can use the color in version or trace the template on colorful paper. This is the perfect easy craft for a group.

Make a cute little gift basket or gift bag with the template for strawberry themed parties or for a sweet gift.

For party decorations such as banners, tape on water bottles for wrappers with thick packaging tape over it, or put it on a cake as a topper. Strawberries are so cute they make perfect party decorations!

Strawberry coloring page. Just print out the coloring version and color in with traditional strawberry colors or fun colors.

Use them as strawberry stencils to trace on a paper for painting or for a stencil for other crafting purposes.

Use the strawberries and other fruit in a garden craft. Draw or create a paper garden and add the cute strawberries in the garden.

It cam make a fun diy gift box idea just get a gift box template and put the strawberry on top.

Use it for digital coloring sheets. It is not an editable template but you can upload it to a program such as procreate and trace over the strawberries. I love making digital art, in fact procreate is where I make all of my templates but their are other high quality digital art apps for kids and adults.

Read a book about strawberries and do this craft to go with the book of your choice.

It is also a great craft to go along with a trip to a strawberry farm. We have visited a strawberry farm and the kids had so much fun picking out their own strawberries. I think they eat more of them when they pick them themselves.

Whatever you choose to do with this free download young children will have so much fun making a cute strawberry craft.

What materials do you need?


The instant download digital files the strawberry template files are pdf so you will need a pdf reader. This template is for non-commercial use.

Home color printer or send it to a professional printer. Office depot or a local copy shop could print them.

White cardstock or printer paper

If you are tracing the template use construction paper in red, pink, and green. Colorful cardstock paper can work too.

Making a Strawberry Craft


First you will want to pick the strawberry template that is right for you.

Do you need little strawberries CLICK HERE

small strawberry template

Big strawberry outline CLICK HERE

strawberry outline

Strawberry Template and coloring page CLICK HERE

large strawberry coloring page and craft template

These are all for personal use, non-commercial use, but if you want you can print it out multiple times.

Once you picked your template then print out the template on white cardstock paper or printer paper.

If you are going to color it in just color it on the sheet you printed it on. Coloring on its own is such a fun and relaxing activity. You can paint on the coloring sheet as well with red paint or any color you desire. Do you want purple strawberries? Go for it!

If you are building a strawberry print out the template with separate pieces. Then trace the piece on construction paper in red, pink(if you like pink strawberries), and green.

For the pieces you put together you will want to take a glue stick and glue the green top of the strawberry on the top front side.

Add seeds with a black marker(or paint) and you can also add googley eyes. Why is everything just cuter with googley eyes?

Cut out small strawberries to add onto a garden painting or paper plate garden. Add other fruits or vegetables in the garden. Cut holes in the garden to make them partially under the ground and “pick” the strawberries.

I hope you all had so much fun making a strawberry craft, it is the perfect way to spend a summer day!

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