Free Printable Build A Bunny Craft for Kids

Build A Bunny free printable Craft For Kids

Build A Bunny Printable


Are you looking for a super simple craft for Easter or spring? Make these cute little bunnies with this easy cut and paste craft. Choose from the color in bunny for a coloring activity or the cut and glue version.

This spring or Easter craft is great for younger children because they only have to follow a few simple instructions. They can also color in a background to glue the bunny on to with grass and flowers.

Use the free printables for classroom use to work on fine motor skills, to make a paper bag puppet for imaginative play, or as an Easter egg hunt activity.

If you want some more bunny fun I have cute bunny ears you kids can decorate and wear. These easter egg templates are also great for an Easter craft, add one to this bunny craft for the bunny to hold.

Free Printable Bunny Templates

Here are a few build a bunny templates to choose from. Pick from the bunny coloring page, bunny face, or colored in Easter bunny template. You are welcome to use more than one of the bunnies.

The first bunny is a simple cut and paste bunny. This one works great for a spring bunny or easy Easter crafts. It only has a few simple pieces to cut out and make the bunny. This bunny is a pretty light pink color. Kids can help cut out the pieces and glue it together with a glue stick.

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste bunny.


free printable Build A bunny in color


The next free printable template is a a bunny coloring page. Now I know most bunnies are white but kids can also color it pink, brown, blue or with fun designs. Let kids use their imagination and create their own bunny.

CLICK HERE for the coloring bunny rabbit template

free printable Build A bunny white



This next version is just a bunny face. This one has a basic face outline. It then comes with a separate sheet to make a face. There are different eyes, noses, and mouths to choose from. This bunny is really fun for making a super silly printable Easter bunny craft. You can mix and match the faces with four different options for faces and two options for ears.

CLICK HERE for the bunny face.

CLICK HERE for the bunny eyes, noses, and mouths.

bunny face outline printable silly bunny faces printable simple bunny face bunny face with bunny teeth bunny face with big eyes



Making The Printable Bunny Craft:


First you will need to pick the bunny you want to use. Click on the CLICK HERE button above the image of the bunny you want to use. This will take you to the digital file that is in pdf format. These printable templates are for personal use, non-commercial use but can be printed out several times for a group craft.

Once you have downloaded the file it is time to print it. You can print it at home or at a local print shop. I like to print on white card stock paper but you can also use white printer paper.

Once you have printed out the sheet of paper it is time to make a bunny!

If you are using the pre-colored version skip this step. For coloring kids can color right on the sheet of paper. Kids can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Young children can add simple colors and older kids can add more details. Bunnies don’t have to be white they can be pink or purple too!

Once the bunnies are colored in kids or adults can cut out the bunny pieces. Cutting is a great way for young kids to work on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Glue the pieces together with a glue stick or white school glue. You can just glue them together on their own or glue them on to a sheet of paper. This can be paper decorated by kids with easter eggs, grass, or flowers. It could also just be a solid color piece of construction paper.

First glue the head on the top front part of the body. Then add glue to the arms on the top part that will connect to the body. Glue the arms to the back of the bunny body on the right and left side. Then glue the feet on to the bottom of the body in the front on the right and left side.

If you are wanting to make the bunny into a bunny rabbit puppet glue the pieces of the bunny on to a brown paper bag instead of to each other. Put the head on the bottom part of the bag and tuck the belly piece underneath on the longer part of the bag. Then glue the arms on the sides in the middle. Then the feet to the bottom of the bunny.

For the bunny face simply glue on eyes, a nose, and mouth. This is a fun little mix and match rabbit craft. You can also add cotton balls to the bunny face template before adding the the face features.

Another way to make a puppet is to put the bunny on a popsicle stick after you have made the bunny. Just tape a popsicle stick to the back of the bunny for an easy bunny puppet.

There you go you have cute bunnies! The free bunny templates are great for an easy Easter or spring crafts with the kids. This can be a nice craft to lay out for kids to work on independently. I have a bunch of fun Easter crafts that are easy for kids to make if you want to check them out!

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