Free Printable Donut Craft Template

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Free Printable Donut Template


Who likes donuts? Most kids I know love donuts and that is why I made some fun donut templates for easy donut crafting. Whether you are looking for printable templates or donut coloring pages there is something for all of the donut lovers! It is a fun activity for rainy days and indoor play.

Donut printables can be used in many fun ways with kids of all ages including pretend play, a simple craft, for coloring, and for decorations. These printables are ideal for children from preschool age through early primary school.

These templates are fun to use in a classroom for pretend play and make a donut shop or a simple craft at home with kids. Below I will show you the different templates and ways to use them for crafting.

Crafting works on kids fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and strengthens their imagination.

If you are looking for more pretend play fun I also have a make a pizza craft template.


6 Free Printable Donut Designs


First is a simple donut outline. This one is very basic with just the donut shape and no glaze on top. This way kids can create donuts the way they want. Use your imagination to make a fun and colorful donut.

CLICK HERE for the coloring donut.

CLICK HERE for the color cake donut.

CLICK HERE for the color chocolate donut.



free printable make a donut chocolate plain


If you want some plain frosting on top here are a few options of color and coloring frosting.

CLICK HERE for the coloring frosting.

CLICK HERE for the colorful pink and yellow.

CLICK HERE for the colorful blue and purple.

plain frosting to color free printable



Here is a separate sheet for the topping of the donut with a few different patterns. The toppings include straight sprinkles, round sprinkles, heart sprinkles, and strawberries.

CLICK HERE for the donut toppings coloring sheet.

CLICK HERE for the donut toppings in color.


printable donut toppings coloring sheet printable donut toppings color



The next option is the donut with glaze on top. This one is great to use for a coloring page with kids. This is a simple version that can also be used for crafts.

Here you will find a medium size toppings for the donut template. You can make the donuts with construction paper, felt, or foam paper. You can print the toppings on cardstock paper for a sturdy donut and laminate the paper. Get creative!

CLICK HERE for the glazed donut coloring sheet.

CLICK HERE for the glazed donut in yellow and red.

CLICK HERE for the glazed donut in pink and chocolate.


glazed donut coloring free printable glazed donut yellow and red free printable glazed donut color pink and brown free printable

The frosting also comes with a sprinkle version. This one comes with different color options to use with kids.

CLICK HERE for the coloring sprinkle donut.

CLICK HERE for the color blue and white sprinkle donut.

CLICK HERE for the color pink and brown sprinkle donut.

coloring sprinkle donut frosting free printable color blue and white sprinkle donut frosting free printable color pink and brown sprinkle donut frosting free printable


Finally you will find small size donuts. These are whole donuts colored in with a few different colors. The small sizes are great for party food toppers or pretend play.

The donut templates are great for a donut theme party. These can also be used to print out and laminate for pretend play. You can use them banners or cupcake toppers. Use a cardboard box to put the donuts in or real donut box for pretend play

CLICK HERE for the small donuts.


free printable Make A Donut Small Colorful



Donut Coloring Pages


Here you will find a few options for simple donut coloring pages. First is a simple donut to color in. This donut is basic to make in your own style.

CLICK HERE for the simple sprinkle donut coloring page.

CLICK HERE for the simple glazed donut coloring page.

donut coloring page sprinkles donut coloring page glazed


Finally you will find a cute donut with a face. Who doesn’t want a cute friendly donut? Although this one might be too cute to eat.

CLICK HERE for the smiley donut.

donut coloring page with smiley face


Now there is a coloring box of donuts. There are 6 donuts in the box that can be colored in a variety of ways.

CLICK HERE for the coloring box of donuts.




Donut Craft Ideas and Activities


First a simple printable craft to build a donut. Kids can color in their donut picking from the options above, cut out the pieces, and then glue them together.

Next a D is for Donut alphabet craft or coloring page. If you are teaching kids about the letter D what better word to use than Donut?!

Use the printable templates for pretend play. This is great for classroom use. Use the templates to trace on felt or foam paper and cut out the pieces. Another option is to laminate paper to make it durable for kids to play. Kids love playing donut shop. They can serve dolls or stuffed animals or other kids. Get a real donut box to put the pretend donuts in!

Use the blank donut template to decorate. Use tissue paper, gems, stickers, and pom poms to decorate the donuts. Kids can paint the template for the frosting then add fun embellishments. You can even glue on real sprinkles for a little extra fun.

The template can work great for decorating bulletin boards. Kids can decorate their donuts then hang them on bulletin boards or just make cute donuts to decorate the boards.

Use them for color matching activities. Color in the donuts with sets of 2 colored in the same color. Then kids can match the donuts. The small size donuts work great for color matching.

Counting donuts. Counting is much more fun when you are counting yummy treats. Have kids count out donuts. This can be done with pretend play too. “Order” a certain number of donuts and kids have to count them out. For more of a challenge add in a dollar amount for donuts and pretend money.

Use it for a dot dot markers activity. These markers are really fun for young kids to use and having the large donuts makes it easy for little hands to stay in the lines. It is a easy way and fairly low mess activity for kids.

Make a card or gift tag. This is perfect to go with a donut shop gift card for teacher appreciation week or birthdays.


Making an easy Donut Craft




Pdf file to print for personal use, non-commercial use. It is a digital file, no physical product. Print out a bunch of times for a group if you want.

Cardstock paper or printer paper.

Home printer or send it to a print shop. If I’m printing a bunch of color prints I plan on using for a long time I will send it to a print shop.

Construction paper, felt, or foam paper

Glue stick


Optional: tissue paper, pom poms, glitter, or paint




First print out the template you want to use for your donut. You can print on printer paper or cardstock paper in a 8.5×11″ size.

Color in the donuts right on the sheet for a coloring activity.

If you want to trace the donut shapes on construction paper, foam paper, felt, or colorful cardstock.

You can make your own sprinkles or trace out the shapes of sprinkles on colorful paper. They can also be printed out on colorful cardstock paper in a 8.5×11″ size.

Once you have cut out the sprinkles glue them on to the donuts with a glue stick or white glue.

Add additional embellishments such as pom poms if you want.

I hope you found the inspiration you needed for your easy crafts, decorations, or coloring fun. We had a great time making cute donuts. The possibilities are endless for using these templates. Feel free to use one template or them to make your own donut.

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