Free Printable Grandma Mother’s Day Questionnaires

questionnaire for kids to fill out about mom and grandma


Mother’s Day Grandma Questionnaire Printable


This Mother’s day if you are looking for a fun questionnaire for mom and grandma this will be the perfect gift for you. There is nothing like a mother’s love and it is important for kids to show mom they care. Any grandma will also love receiving a grandma questionnaire answered by young kids. Kids say the cutest things and it is great to capture those moments.

These mother’s day interview questions will get surprising and fun answers. Kids say the funniest things! Moms can ask their own kids the questions or have dad ask them. It makes for a fun keepsake and a perfect personalized gift.

Many grandmothers love sentimental gifts and this is a great gift for them to look back on. It is also a fun activity to do with kids to see what they will say. This is a great idea to do with kids for classroom use and send home with them for Mother’s day.


How to Use the Printable Questionnaires


All of these questionnaires are in pdf format. All you need to do to download the digital item is click on the CLICK HERE button above the image of the version you like. Then download the pdf file, this file is for personal use, non commerical use. Print it out on a home printer or at a print shop. Use white card stock paper for a thicker paper or just print on printer paper.

For younger children an adult can ask them the questions and fill the answers in the blank spots. For older kids they can fill it out themselves.

These free mother’s day printables are a great addition to any Mother’s day gift. If you are looking for more Mother’s Day fun make a fun Mother’s Day pinata or Mother’s Day time out bag tags.


3 Free Mother’s Day Questionnaire Printables


There are 3 different designs of mother’s day questionnaires. All of these versions have an option for mom and one for grandma. Feel free to use as many of the printables as you want.

The first free printable mother’s day questionnaire and grandmother questionnaire is a fun floral version. I love this one for older kids to use. There is a version for mom and for grandma. This one has more detailed questions. The blank questions have a spot for kids to fill out or adults to ask kids the fun questions.

In this printable you will find the following questions to ask kids about grandma or mom:

Her name

How old is grandma?

What is her favorite movie?

Her favorite color is:

What does grandma like to do with me?

What does she say all the time?

I love grandma because

Where is her dream vacation spot?

Grandma is good at

There is also a spot to draw a picture of grandma or put a picture on the paper.

CLICK HERE for the mom floral questionnaire.

CLICK HERE for the grandma version of the floral questionnaire.

free printable questions for mom for mothers day with a flower design free printable questions for grandma for mothers day with a flower design


The next printable questionnaire template has a fun design with polka dots. Since we are celebrating mom this printable is a fun way to celebrate her. It has similar questions to the last template with a few slightly different questions. I added questions about favorite food and favorite place to go.

CLICK HERE for the simple mom questionnaire.

CLICK HERE for the simple grandma page.

Once kids have filled out a completed questionnaire it is time to give it to mom.


mother's day questions for kids to fill out mother's day questions for kids to fill out for grandma


The next fun printables are a simple version. There is a spot for kids to draw a picture of mom and bigger spaces for answering the questions. Kids can also add a picture of their mom.

This is a great option for younger kids such as preschool age through early elementary school. They can draw pictures to answer questions, have adults fill in answers, or write a simple answer.

The questions on here are simple for younger kids.

How old is mom?

Draw a picture of mom

Moms favorite food?

What does mom like to do with me?

I love mom because

CLICK HERE for the simple mom questionnaire.

CLICK HERE for the simple grandma questionnaire.

Questionnaire for mom with coloring and drawing spaces Questionnaire for grandma with coloring and drawing spaces


Mother’s Day Ideas


If you are looking for some extra mother’s day ideas for kids to give use this questionnaire with a craft made by kids for a thoughtful gift to mom or grandma. Here are a few craft ideas because the best gifts from kids are handmade!

Mother’s Day coloring pages. Color a fun picture for mom to make her feel special.

Handprint flowers. Make easy handprint flowers with colorful paper, trace kids hands on the paper. then add the handprint to a green popsicle stick.

Make a simple mother’s day card. This is a simple heartfelt gift. Moms love homemade cards. I have simple heart templates that work great for cards from kids.

A simple picture frame craft. Of course mom wants all of the pictures of their kids! Have kids color or decorate a picture frame. You can make one out of popsicle sticks.

Make a cute mug for mom or grandma. All you need is a white mug and some paint meant for mugs so it wont come off.


Happy Mother’s Day I hope these free printables help you out and add some fun to your Mother’s Day! The sweet answers will be cherished forever and it is a great simple gift for kids of all ages to give mom and grandma.

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