Free Printable Leprechaun Letter For Kids-6 Choices




Free Printable Leprechaun Letter


Have you ever tried to catch a leprechaun? Kids love making leprechaun traps, but those sneaky leprechauns are hard to trap, they always seem to get away. If you need a fun letter from a leprechaun so kids know the leprechaun was there I’ve got you covered. ¬†This is a fun activity for kids of all ages and a simple way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


What is a leprechaun trap?


A leprechaun trap is a trap kids can make to try and catch a leprechaun. It is a St. Patrick’s Day craft that can be made from a cereal box or other household items. Then decorated with items that are supposed to catch the attention of a leprechaun. This can be rainbows, anything gold including glitter, or treats. You can let kids get creative with what they think leprechauns like. My daughter one year put lettuce in our trap because she thought leprechauns like to eat healthy.

The leprechaun trap to catch a leprecahun can be a simple trap made out of a cereal box, box, sturdy paper, or even a paper cup that you decorate. I have some fun free printables signs for decorating a leprechaun trap. In the trap add chocolate gold coins, plastic gold coins, anything rainbow colors, or lucky charms. Leprechauns are always looking for a pots of gold at the end of a rainbow and you can set a trap to try to catch those little leprechauns. It can have a little ladder made out of paper straws or pipe cleaners for the leprechaun to climb on top and then have a hole for the leprechaun to fall into trapping them. You can also prop up a box with a wooden dowel or stick to trap the leprechaun.

I usually get small decorations from the dollar store but green construction paper, yellow paper, green paint, and some household items work too.

Leave the trap out at night and in the morning kids will want to check their leprechaun trap to see if they caught a leprechaun. If you don’t catch a leprechaun this free leprechaun letter will be a fun way for your kids to know the leprechaun was there but he was just too sneaky to catch.

It is fun to add a little magic to your kids day and these free printable leprechaun notes are a great way to do it. I also have some other St. Patrick’s Day printables including¬† leprechaun trap signs and leprechaun hats kids can wear.

This is also a fun classroom activity with kids in preschool or kindergarten age students. Kids can work on their fine motor skills making a leprechaun trap. It is a fun little activity for kids.


6 Free Leprechaun Letter Templates


The first leprechaun template is a simple blank template. It has a picture of a leprechaun and some shamrocks but the rest is blank. This way you can write a hand written note from the leprechaun. You can also have kids write a little note to the leprechaun and he can write back on the blank template.

CLICK HERE for the blank template.

free printable leprechaun letter blank template


Next you will find a letter all filled in from the leprechaun. It is a sweet note from the leprechaun to show how he appreciates the trap, free gold, and treats. This one comes in two different styles. One is running with a pot of gold and one is a sweet smiling leprechaun. The poem in the letters is the same.

CLICK HERE for the short letter from the running leprechaun.

CLICK HERE for the short letter from the leprechaun with shamrock border.

free printable simple leprechaun letter with sparkles and shamrocks free printable simple leprechaun letter with shamrocks watercolor style


Next I have a longer version of the letter for an older child. The short and sweet is good for younger kids. This one just adds some more details to the leprechauns story.

CLICK HERE for the longer leprechaun letter.

free printable leprechaun letter longer letter


This next leprechaun letter template has an option to add a kids name to the letter so it is personalized letter just for them. Click in the box on the top and then write dear then the child’s name.

CLICK HERE for the editable leprechaun letter.

free printable leprechaun letter to personalize for a kid


Using the free printable Leprechaun Letters


First you will need to click on the CLICK HERE button above the image of the letter you want to download.

That will take you to the digital download. It is a pdf file so you will need a pdf reader to download it. The letters are for your own personal use, non-commercial use but they can be printed out a few times for multiple kids.

Once you have it downloaded now it is time to print your leprechaun letter. When printing at home you can print on regular printer paper or white cardstock paper. The letter can even be laminated to make it last. You can also print it at a local print shop.

You can add gold glitter or stickers to decorate it more.

I hope you have fun making a leprechaun trap for a fun St. Patrick’s day craft! This is a great activity for a classroom teacher to make with students, for moms to make memories at home with kids, or for a St. Patrick’s day party.

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