Free Printable Play Pizza Craft for Kids

make a pizza printable kids craft


Free Printable Pizza Craft


Lets make a pizza pie! What kid doesn’t like pizza? I know my kids love love pizza. Yes, it needs two loves because it is their favorite. I also love pizza nights where everyone adds their own toppings to the pizza and we make pizza together. This activity is such a fun and easy way to play pizza parlor with kids. They can color, cut, and build their own pizza!

This is a great activity for pizza parties, teaching kids about simple fractions, dramatic play, and fun little crafts. It is a perfect activity for young kids starting at preschool age to older children.


Paper Pizza Craft


This free printable pizza craft comes with tons of fun pizza options. Build a pizza with toppings including mushrooms, green peppers, pepperoni, and olives. Kids can pick out their favorite toppings to make their own pizzas.

First is a simple slice of pizza. This big slice of pizza comes with the sauce and cheese. Then you can add the toppings.

CLICK HERE for the pizza slice.

CLICK HERE for the coloring pizza slice.

free printable Make A Pizza Slice


This next slice has the pieces separate for kids to assemble the pieces and build a pizza.

CLICK HERE for the free printable pizza slice dough.

CLICK HERE for the free printable pizza slice sauce.

CLICK HERE for the free printable pizza slice cheese.

free printable Make A Pizza Slice Dough free printable Make A Pizza Slice Sauce free printable Make A Pizza Slice Cheese


Next up I have a whole pizza. This size is great for adding lots of toppings. There is a version in color and a coloring version.

CLICK HERE for the free printable whole pizza.

CLICK HERE for the free printable whole pizza coloring version.

free printable Make A Pizza Empty Pizza

If you want to build a pizza and put all of the pieces together there is a pizza with separate pieces.

CLICK HERE for the printable whole pizza dough.

CLICK HERE for the printable whole pizza sauce.

CLICK HERE for the printable whole pizza cheese.

free printable build a pizza dough free printable build a pizza sauce free printable build a pizza cheese

Of course on top of the pizza you need some toppings. Here are some fun toppings to add to your pizza. These include pepperoni, green peppers, and olives.

CLICK HERE for the pizza toppings.


free printable Make A Pizza Toppings



Pizza Craft Idea


The toppings can be used with the printable base of the pizza or make a paper plate pizza craft. Paint a paper plate to look like a pizza with brown paint around the edges and red in the middle. Then, once the paint is dry, glue white or yellow tissue paper on top for the cheese. Finally top it all off with the printable toppings. This is a great craft to build fine motor skills.

Use the template to trace on brown paper for the pizza base. Construction paper is great for kids crafts. Then a slightly smaller red circle for the sauce. White or yellow paper for the cheese. Now glue them all together and glue or tape on toppings.

You can use the printable pizzas with a cardboard box pizza oven. Make a simple pizza oven to play with by using a rectangular box, even a cereal box. Then cut a hole in the front part of the box. You can put the pizza inside to “cook the pizza”.


Pretend Play


These printables are a fun way to have pretend play with kids. Laminate them to use them over and over again. Even older kids will love making pizzas.

Make a pizza oven using a cardboard box and tissue paper for the fire in the oven. Kids can pretend to make a pizza in the oven. They can have their own pizzeria. Depending on the age of the kids they can name their pizza parlor, create a sign, pizza order forms, and a menu. If the kids are younger and can’t read yet use the printables for the menu to point to pictures when ordering.

Then kids can assemble the pizzas and serve them. Let them have their own pizza shop or they can be the customer who gets served the pizza.


Printable Pizza Template


To build your own pizza you will need the printable template that comes as a pdf file. Choose from a coloring version or a colored in version. The toppings come on another sheet to cut out separately. Once you have the file downloaded you can print it at home on your home printer or at a print shop. Print on white cardstock paper for a sturdier pizza. This way you can reuse it multiple times. If you don’t have card stock paper printer paper works too.

Once you have printed the pizza it is time to assemble the pizza.

First cut out the pizza crust, then the sauce, and finally the printable pizza toppings. You can even trace the shapes on felt or colorful cardstock paper.

Now putting it all together. You can glue or tape the pizza pieces together for a simple craft. If you plan to reuse the pieces just put them together without attaching the pieces.

Use different craft supplies to decorate the pizza such as tissue paper, felt, and craft foam paper. make a slice of pizza or the whole pie! I hope you have fun with these free printables making different pizzas and your own pizza shop for kids.

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