Valentine’s Day Treats With Printable Tags

easy diy dollar treat treat bags with free printable tags


DIY Valentine’s Day Treats


Make any of these simple diy valentine’s day treats with just a few supplies and easy steps. The dollar tree is a great spot for getting cheap supplies to make super cute things. They have such a big selection now.

Find the free printable tags from the treats in this post in my list of a ton of free printable Valentine’s Day gift tags.

Here are just a few examples of valentine treats:


Lollipop flowers:


diy lollipop flower with dollar tree flowers




faux flowers

hot glue gun

Remove the flowers from the stems and take out the center of the flowers. Then insert the lollipop in the middle of the flowers. Glue one piece of the flower on at a time in the center to secure it in place. Thats it!


Butterfly Candies:


diy Butterfly treat



Rectangular candy box

heart stickers

googley eyes


Tape or glue the googley eyes on the front in the middle. Then the lollipops in the middle on the top of the back of the box. Add heart shapes or stickers for wings. Super easy little treats.


DIY Treat Cup With Printable Tag


diy treat cup with dollar tree supplies



Pink or red cups

Treats, this can include candy, pencils, or little heart boxes

free printable tag


tissue paper

Put 1 piece of tissue paper in the cup then add little treats. Tape a gift tag on the front with clear tape. This treat cup is so easy to make.


Giant Hershey Kisses with free printable


giant diy hershey kiss with free printable tag



tin foil

plastic wrap

colanders (I got a three pack with different sizes from dollar tree)

clear tape

free printable tags.

treats to fill the Hershey kiss

First fill the colanders with treats and tissue paper if wanted. Then wrap the open part in plastic wrap and tape it on the top. Cover the colander with tin foil. Add the printable tag with tape. Then cover it slightly with tin foil.

Get the free printable tag for the giant kisses CLICK HERE.


Strawberry Treat Bag with Printable Tag


valentine's Strawberry Treat Bag with printable tags



pink bag

black sharpie

green tissue paper

candy or treats

Draw black seeds on the bag. Add green tissue paper inside the bag treats. Attach a printable tag with ribbon and you are done!


Kissing booth free printable signs.


These free printable kissing booth signs are also really cute to use with hershey kisses in a bowl.

CLICK HERE for the kissing booth signs in a large size. CLICK HERE for them in a medium size.


Fortune Cookie Valentine with Printable Tag


fortune cookie valentines day treat



paper plate

printable tag CLICK HERE.

tissue paper you can use yellow, pink, or a pastel color.


Put treats on one half of a paper plate. Fold it in half and tape the edges together so the treats don’t fall out. Wrap in tissue paper. Push the straight end inward to make a fortune cookie shape. Then tape the back together so it stays with a strong clear packaging tape. Add the printable tag to the back of the fortune cookie and you are done.





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