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Free Cloud Template Printable


Are you teaching kids about the weather or doing a cloud themed craft? Then you need this free printable cloud craft template. My preschooler is learning about the weather and cloud crafts are a great addition to our weather unit.

There are a variety of fun ways to use the cloud template pdf file. I will give some examples of ways you can use this template for crafting and learning. It would be great with other weather templates including , water droplets, umbrellas, sun, sunglasses, and rainbow patterns! Everyone on the planet earth experiences weather and weather patterns. Even in Arizona we occasionally get clouds.

If you need another fun weather template I have sun templates.


8 Different Free Printable Cloud Printables!


Are you looking for a large cloud template? All of the cloud shapes have one that covers almost an entire sheet.

Then there is a medium size that has two clouds on a sheet. I have some basic cloud outlines in a variety of shapes depending on the type of cloud you need.  These go well with a rainbow, sun template, pot of gold templates, and raindrop patterns.

Smaller clouds are perfect for putting on cards or other craft projects. They look like small cumulus clouds.

Cloud Shape #1

CLICK HERE for the large size.

CLICK HERE for the medium size.

CLICK HERE for the small size.

Free printable large fluffy cloud template


Cloud Shape #2

CLICK HERE for the large size.

CLICK HERE for the medium size.

CLICK HERE for the small size.

free printable cloud template


Cloud Shape #3

CLICK HERE for the large size.

CLICK HERE for the medium size.

CLICK HERE for the small size.

medium size cloud template free printable


If you need clouds to use for a writing activity as lined paper that is another option for educators. Just glue lined paper on to the cloud. The blank ones you can make word clouds by having kids write a word on the cloud.

If you need a raindrop template too you can download my template. It also comes in a variety of sizes for different crafting needs.


What age is this craft template cloud good for?


It is ideal for crafting with preschoolers and early elementary kids, but kids of all ages can use this template. Older kids can use it for paintings or school projects. Even adults if you need a cloud stencil.


What skills do these cloud templates work on?


Young kids can work on fine motor skills by crafting. They won’t even realize they are building skills by having fun!

Hand eye coordination. It takes hand-eye coordination to precisely cut, glue, and put together crafts.

Learning about how the weather works. Kids can learn about the different types of clouds and shapes of clouds. Get out side to see if they can identify the clouds. Read cloud books and books about the weather

Use this template with a fun science experiment making a rain cloud with shaving cream on top of water in a container, then drop food coloring on top and it will create raindrops in the water!


Free Printable Cloud Craft Ideas:


Make a puffy cloud craft. Cover the cloud with cotton balls and make it cute and fluffy. Add a cute face on top of you want.

Make a rain cloud. Hang raindrops from the cloud with string and small raindrop templates.

Make it into a wand with rainbow streamers coming down from the cloud.

Paint the clouds to look like storm clouds with watercolors. Add grays and blues to turn white clouds into storm clouds.

For cloud coloring pages. Color in the clouds any way you want for a relaxing activity.

As a cloud stencil. Use the template to trace the cloud as a stencil on paper, t-shirts, or for other crafting purposes.

Cloud card. Make it into a card with white cardstock paper.

For bulletin board decorations. Use the clouds or clouds decorated by a class to hang on a bulletin board.

Clouds can be used in so many nature crafts with flowers, butterflies, bees, or grass.

Use puffy paint to make fun puffy clouds. This can be made with white glue and shaving cream.

For a diorama. Make a diorama and use the clouds in your project. The clouds can be used for poster board school projects as well.




Free printable pdf file. Get the digital file and download it. This is not for commercial use it is for personal use but you can print it as many times as you need.

Home printer or print it at a print shop.

White cardstock paper or printer paper. Any white paper will do but I like cardstock because it is thicker. Especially with young children they tend to bend the paper if it is too easy to bend.


Glue stick or Elmer’s glue

Crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Additional craft supplies:

Cotton balls, pipe cleaners, or googly eyes

Let’s make some cute clouds!

First download the free printable cloud template that works best for you. Small, medium, or large.

Then print out the template on white paper printer or cardstock paper.

If you are coloring it color it right on the sheet. You can also paint it. Colorful clouds are so much fun!

If you are using it as a stencil cut it out and trace it. Also if you need multiple clouds just trace it on a paper and cut it out.

Add raindrops or rainbows hanging from the cloud.

Add cotton balls to mark the cloud fluffy. Just use a glue stick or white glue to glue them on.

If you want to make a face on the cloud use a black marker for the mouth and put on some googly eyes.

It is so much fun learning about the weather and making weather crafts. I would love to hear how you used this fun cloud template!

Other cloud activities that could be fun to do with this one are making making play dough clouds. Also a cloud treat with pudding and marshmallow. These are simple activities to add to your easy cloud craft.

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