Free Printable Pineapple Outline Template

pineapple templates for crafts or decorationsi n different sizes


Free Printable Pineapple Template


Are you looking for activities for summer break? Use these cute pineapple outlines for making pineapple crafts this summer. The free printable pineapple templates are simple and versatile for an easy paper craft. When the kids are home from school during the summer it is a great time for summer crafts. Have fun with kids decorating the pineapple templates with these free printable pineapple craft templates. It is perfect for kids from preschool age to elementary school. If you are a mom or teacher use these fun templates for crafting with kids.

There are pineapples in 3 sizes for different crafting needs. Below I will give you ideas for a few ways to use the templates. All you need is the pdf file, a printer, and paper. Then get to coloring and crafting!

If you need some other fun tropical fruits printables I have a cute strawberry printable. I also have a summer fruit banner for party decorations with lemons, oranges, and watermelon. Make a full fruit celebration!

Crafting with the pineapple templates will work on fine motor skills, allow them to explore their creative side, and work on hand eye coordination. Plus, coloring and crafting are helpful for stress relief for adults and kids.


Printable Pineapple Templates


Here are 6 different printable options. There are two different pineapple styles with 3 different size choices.

The first pineapple is an outline of a pineapple. This outline can be used for crafts, coloring, or party decorations.

CLICK HERE for the large pineapple outline.

CLICK HERE for the large pineapple outline.

CLICK HERE for the large pineapple outline.

large pineapple outline free printable medium pineapple outline free printable small pineapple outline free printable


Next is a more detailed pineapple. This one is great for coloring and other craft projects.

CLICK HERE for the large pineapple.

CLICK HERE for the medium pineapple.

CLICK HERE for the small pineapple.

free printable large pineapple template free printable medium pineapple template free printable small pineapple template



Pineapple Printables for Craft Projects


Crafting is a fun way for kids to use their creativity and work on fine motor skills with young children. I love paper crafts because they are easy and only need a few materials. You can also use the pineapple outline for different types of crafts.

If you want to paint the pineapple try painting with sponges to give it a fun texture. You can make them different colors.

Another fun painting technique with this pineapple outline is painting with bubble wrap. Just paint yellow paint on to the bubble wrap then flip the bubble wrap over and press it on to the pineapple. This creates a fun pattern on the pineapple. After painting you can cut out the pineapple and glue it on to another paper.

For classroom activities use the template for lacing crafts. Just use a hole punch to punch holes along the lines of the template towards the edges. Then put yarn through the holes. This is great for kids to work on their fine motor skills. A tip to keep the yarn from getting frayed is to wrap tape around the end of the yarn.

Work on scissor skills. Another way to use this template is to have kids try to cut it out along the edge of the outline. This works on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. If they cut around the outline it doesn’t have to be perfect to cut the pineapple shape out.

Kids can glue on some fun glasses or lips to give the pineapple a fun face. Sort of like a Mr. Potato Head, make a fun pineapple head craft. I have templates for both of those that would look super cute on the pineapple.

Use these cute colored in pineapples for decorating bulletin boards or making party decorations. They can be made into a banner just print out the pdf files multiple times.

Use the pineapple template for a pineapple stencil template. Stencils can be used to make t-shirt designs or for painting a shape on a canvas.

Color in the small pineapples with 2 pineapples in each color. For example two red pineapples, two blue, and two green. Then let kids find the match to each color. This is great for a color recognition activity for preschoolers.


Easy Pineapple Coloring Sheet


This pineapple template is perfect for printable pineapple coloring pages. Just print it out and get to coloring with fun bright colors or just a regular yellow pineapple. Summertime is all about relaxing by the pool or at the beach. Take these coloring sheets outside for some coloring fun. Use the white version with simple outlines to color with colored pencils, markers, or crayons. There are a few versions for simple preschool coloring and more advanced coloring. As kids get older teach them different shading techniques. The thick outlines are good for young kids to practice coloring in the lines. Although, sometimes coloring outside the lines is fun! Put it in a sheet protector to use with dry erase markers. This way you can color it in and erase multiple times and use the template for another crafting purpose later.

Craft Supplies Needed:


White paper either printer paper or cardstock paper

Home printer or print at a local print shop

Crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paint

Optional: glitter, bubble wrap, gems,

How to Print the Free Printable Pineapple Templates

First you will want to download the file it comes in pdf format. This printable is for non-commercial use, only for personal use. However, you can print out the file as many times as you need for a one kid or a whole group. I like to print on white cardstock paper because it is sturdier for working on crafts. Kids can’t bend it or crumple it as easy. However, if you only have white printer paper that can work too.

Just print it out and start crafting. Make any of the above crafts I mentioned or craft in your own creative way. That is what I love about a blank template, the possibilities are endless. Come back for some more summer craft fun. I hope to have tons of summer templates from a palm tree to ice cream.

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