Free Printable Robot Craft Templates

Free Printable Robot Templates for crafts

Robot Craft Template 


Here is a fun craft to build paper robots with a simple robot template! Just download the printable pdf file and you will have a few options of robots to choose from for crafting. Kids of all ages will love this craft and making their own robot. Beep boop it is time to make a robot.

Create a robot puppet, simple cut and glue craft, robot mask, robot headband, or color in a robot. Below you will find a few different options for ways to use the robot craft templates. These should fit a variety of crafting needs and different ages of kids. If you have older kids and younger kids there will be something for everyone!

The robot theme is great for preschool and elementary school. Kids can learn about real robotics and make a fun robot craft. It is also a fun activity to make when reading a book about robots.

If you are looking for other fun kids craft templates check out this race car template to build a race car or the rocket ship templates!


Robot Craft Skill Building


Fine motor skills are very important for kids development and this activity works on those skills. Cutting, gluing, and coloring help kids build fine motor skills. They will also feel a sense of accomplishment when they build their own robots.

Imagination and creativity. Let kids take the lead with how to color or decorate their robot. Crafting works on problem solving skills when kids need to figure out on their own how to put things together and what they want to add to their crafts.

Following directions. Give kids one step at a time to complete their robot with a cut and paste version. This helps kids learn how to follow directions and builds confidence in their abilities. For younger kids especially giving them guidance and easy to follow steps helps them learn this skill.

Attention span. Doing crafts can gradually increase kid’s attention span. Although don’t expect a toddler to focus for a long period of time. I have an active boy that can focus for about 10 minutes at a time. We run around first then get small bits of focused time. I also try to integrate standing and dancing into our crafting fun.

Feel free to use the free printable pdf template or templates for classroom use, at home crafting with kids, or even for a party activity. The robots can be used just for coloring pages, for a classroom activity, to make puppets, low mess craft, or make it messy.


Free Printable Robot Craft Templates


For an easy craft get the cut and paste version to build a robot. There is a coloring version and colored in version. This is an excellent craft for kids to learn how to follow simple directions. Put the completed robot craft on a craft stick to make a robot puppet. It can also be put on a paper bag for a paper bag puppet.

CLICK HERE for the build a robot template.


cut and paste printable build a robot template black and white


Use the blank coloring template to color in, paint, or draw with markers. Add googly eyes and tissue paper too. This is just a simple full robot for coloring or you can add craft materials on top.

CLICK HERE for the full robot.

robot coloring page free printable


There is a version with no arms or legs to make fun arms by folding a strip of paper accordion style. Then kids can make the robot dance around with his silly legs and arms. Also add googley eyes and draw on a smile. These fun robot crafts will be a hit with kids.

CLICK HERE for the robot template.

CLICK HERE for the robot template in color.


There is a robot mask. This version is just the robot’s face. These are fun for kids to make for parties or even in a classroom. Just color in the robots, cut it out along the outline, and glue the pieces together. Cut out the eyes. Then punch a hole on both sides and add string. You can also just tape string or a strip of paper on to the back just make sure it is big enough to fit around a kids head.

CLICK HERE for the robot mask in black and white.

CLICK HERE for the robot mask in color.

robot mask coloring free printable robot mask color free printable




Materials for Robot Craft Template:


The digital file to download for personal use, not for commercial use but it can be printed a bunch of times for a group of kids.

Printer or send it to a print shop

White cardstock paper preferably because it is thicker but printer paper works too.

Optional: crayons, googley eyes, tin foil colorful paper

Let’s get started!

  1. Print out the pdf file on your home printer or at a print shop on cardstock paper or regular paper. Card stock is thicker. It will hold up better to lots of glue or if you are using paints.
  2. If you are coloring or painting the template color directly on the printed out sheet. You can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers.
  3. To build a robot cut out the individual robot parts. For young kids you can cut out the pieces for them or help them cut out the pieces. Older kids can do this part themselves.
  4. Start with the belly piece. Then glue the head on to the front of the body piece. Glue the legs on the bottom behind the body piece. Then glue the arms on the sides behind the body. You can add pipe cleaners for an antenna. I use a glue stick but Elmer’s glue works as well. You can also use clear tape.
  5. Another option is to trace the pieces on to colorful paper such as construction paper and assemble those pieces together.
  6. For the blank template add pieces of tin foil to make a shiny robot. Then add googly eyes for the eyes and draw a mouth on with a black marker.
  7. Put the completed robot on a popsicle stick and make a puppet or keep it for pretend play. You can also use a paper bag to make it into a puppet.
  8. Make a fun futuristic background to go with the template or glue the completed robot onto a colorful piece of paper.

These cute robots are perfect for little kids crafts. This craft is great for moms or teachers to use with kids. Make a puppet show with all the robots you make or keep them for pretend play. The great thing about paper crafts is they don’t take up a lot of room and can provide hours of fun.

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