Free Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt for Kids

free printable spring scavenger hunt for kids


Spring Scavenger Hunt Printable


Spring is a great time of year to get outdoors with kids. It is the best time of year for nature walks, picnics, watching birds, and picking flowers. If you are looking for a fun activity to do with kids this spring you will enjoy this free printable spring scavenger hunt.

The warmer temperatures make it a great season for a treasure hunt outdoors. This treasure hunt involves the nature treasures the outdoors has to offer. You could also add little spring toys for an added bonus.

This is a great activity for young kids. It helps them to really look around them and see all the details of spring around them. Warmer weather brings a lot of new life and beauty to the world. Spring is the perfect time to get kids outside and the scavenger hunt provides some extra fun for kids.

This is a great for activity for young children learning about seasonal changes or in a classroom during nature lessons. Kids can work on their observation skills and look for the signs of spring. It is such an easy activity for too!

If you are looking for other spring fun I have fun vase templates to print out and tape flowers on the top. You can also draw flowers on the vase. This flower bouquet craft is fun for spring too. If you are looking for a spring treat these spring flower pops and puddings are a fun no bake treat!


Where to go on a spring scavenger hunt?


A local park is a great place to get fresh air and do a spring scavenger hunt.

A nature walk can be fun for kids of all ages to have a spring scavenger hunt.

Even in your own backyard you can find many of the spring items on this list.

Walk around the neighborhood and see the signs of spring.


How to use the printable


To use the free printable first pick the template you want to use. Are you looking for specific items or certain colors? I provided both scavenger hunts because for young kids learning about colors in nature the color option is fun. The one with specific items is also really fun because they will be looking closely at the world around them.

Once you have picked your printable click on the CLICK HERE button above the image of the scavenger hunt you want to use. This will take you to the instant download. Download the digital file, it is a pdf file so you will need a pdf reader. These printables are for personal use non-commercial use. You can print them out a bunch of times for a group of kids.

For printing you can send it to a local print shop or print at home on your home printer. Print on white printer paper or white cardstock paper. You can also cover the paper with a sheet protector or clear packaging tape since you will be bringing it outdoors for an outdoor hunt.


Printable Scavenger Hunts


For the first fun spring scavenger hunt it has a spring scavenger hunt list with things in nature such as a bird, feather, grass, flowers, butterfly, worm(you might have to do some digging for this one), and the sun. If you can’t find everything in one day you can bring it along on a daily walk to keep looking for more fun spring items. It is one of many great screen-free activities for spring.

To get the free scavenger hunt with pictures CLICK HERE.


free printable spring scavenger hunt


For the spring colors scavenger hunt you can use a page protector to cover the paper. Then tape on items from nature you find that match the colors. For example a pink flower, brown stick, or green piece of grass. It’s a fun twist on the scavenger hunt.

If you want the option with spring colors CLICK HERE.


color hunt spring scavenger hunt


Kids can bring a magnifying glass or a pair of kid-size binoculars to take a closer look at all of the items in nature. They can also take pictures of everything they find. If you are doing the scavenger hunt with a group they can take pictures to show proof that they found everything on the list. Most of the items should be found on an outdoor walk.


Other Spring Free Nature Activities


Gardening is a fun activity for spring time. Ok it isn’t always free but once you get started, and this can just be with planting some dollar store flower seeds, it can be free for the rest of the season. We sometimes take seeds from fruits we already have to plant and see if they grow. It is all about the process of being outside and playing in the dirt!

Make a mud kitchen! This is a fun, if you have any old pots, pans, or tupperware you plan on getting rid of use them for a mud kitchen. Then if it rains or use a hose to make a little mud for kids playtime. This can entertain kids for hours!

Bike ride time! The spring season is a great time to get outdoors with family and go on bike rides together.

Make an outdoor picnic. Bring a picnic outdoors for a change of scene. This can be at a park on even in the backyard.

​Spring books. Find your favorite books for springtime to read with kids. We like to get different books from the library to fit the season.

Spring vocabulary. Use vocabulary words in your outdoor activities for kids to get an understanding of the world around them.

Spring jokes! There are tons of fun jokes just for springs to tell in the car or with kids outdoors.

Take a field trip to a nature trail. We love finding the best places to see all the wildflowers during the spring. If you have a nature reserve near you this can be a fun place to explore and learn.


I hope the free spring scavenger hunt provided family fun or fun with a group of kids. It is so much fun to get outdoors and explore with kids!

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