9 Letters From The Easter Bunny Free Printables

Free Printable Easter Bunny Letters for kids


Easter Bunny Note Printable


Do you need a letter delivered from the desk of the Easter bunny?! This free printable Easter bunny letter will be so fun for kids to get from the Easter bunny! He took the time to write a personalized letter just for them and they can open the letter on Easter morning.

This Easter bunny letter is great to include in a child’s Easter basket, young kids will love getting a letter from the Easter bunny. There are also little Easter bunny notes you can hide around as part of an Easter egg hunt. Santa Claus isn’t the only one to write letter, the Easter bunny wants in on the fun!

There are option for an editable letter that you can add your child’s name to, a blank template to personalize, and cute Easter bunny letters that you just have to print out.

If you are looking for some other Easter crafts I have some Easter egg templates/coloring pages and fun printable bunny ears to decorate! So much Easter fun for kids this spring season.


How to Use The Free Printable Letter


First you will need to pick the pdf file template you want to use. Then click on the CLICK HERE button above the image of the printable. This will take you to the digital download, the files are pdf format so you will need adobe reader or another pdf reader to open it. The printables are all for your own personal use, non-commercial use. You can print them out a bunch of times for a group or if you have more than one kid.

There are no physical items these are just digital files.

For printing you can print them at a print shop or on a home printer. I like to print on white card stock paper for the best results. This paper is thicker and the paper is less likely to rip. You can laminate the sheets after printing as well.

To edit the editable Easter bunny letter you will need a program that allows you to type on the digital template. This can be done with many pdf readers or edit the letter in canva. Then you can add your kids names to the letters.


9 Free Easter Bunny Letter Templates


Here are a few options for Easter bunny letters. They are all unique digital designs with something for everyone. I’ve included 3 different designs templates and they all have different ways to use the template. Some have a blank option, editable to add your childs name, and prewritten option to simply print out.

First is a simple cute letter that has a sweet note from the Easter bunny. Kids will love this note from the Easter bunny. This option you can just print out and give to your kids. Easy peasy fun for kids!

CLICK HERE for the simple Easter letter.


free printable easter bunny letter simple with basket and bunny


Next up is an option similar to the last one but with a bunch of bunnies and the main bunny carrying a carrot. This one is fun for the little kids because it is colorful and playful.

CLICK HERE for the bunnies letter.

free printable Easter Bunny Letter with bunnies



Next up is a blank template. This one allows you to hand write a note from the Easter bunny. It can be personalized with a typed letter or a hand written note. I know my daughter always liked hand written notes.

CLICK HERE for the blank Easter bunny letter template.

free printable blank easter bunny letter with cute bunny and carrots



Next are some fun little Easter bunny notes from the desk of the Easter bunny. These Easter bunny letters look very official from the Easter bunny!

CLICK HERE for the editable bunny letter template from the desk of the Easter bunny. This option has a spot you can write in your kids name on the top to address it directly to your kid.

CLICK HERE for the full letter.

CLICK HERE for the blank option.

free printable Easter Bunny Letter desk of bunny editable free printable Easter Bunny Letter desk of bunny free printable Easter Bunny Letter desk of bunny blank


Hip hop hooray it is Easter day! This last style is a playful style with cute bunny and Easter eggs! It is a fun sweet design for your child’s Easter celebration. It has pastel colors that are perfect for easter.

CLICK HERE for the editable fun bunny template. This has the option to add a kids name to the letter

CLICK HERE for the full letter.

CLICK HERE for the blank option.


free printable Easter bunny letter hoppy easter writing filled in free printable Easter bunny letter hoppy blank signature

I hope you enjoy these free Easter printables from the Easter bunny. You can add it to your Easter traditions to do every year. Other fun traditions can include putting bunny bait sprinkles in the yard for the Easter bunny, fun egg hunts such as a glow hunt, decorating eggs, Easter breakfast, and making an Easter treat.

Some fun things you can add with the letter when you give it to a kid are some sparkles for bunny magic, bunny footprints leading up to the letter, and a special chocolate bunny from the Easter bunny.

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