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free printable vase templates for crafts


Printable Vase Template


These free printable vase templates are so fun for a variety of crafts for kids or adults. They are great for spring crafts with kids, decorations, for a vase stencil, or making cards.

The vase templates come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are four different shapes to choose from for your crafts. Then a sheet with all of them on one paper. This gives you different vases to choose from for a wide range of projects.

The vases are great for classroom activities with young kids and elementary grades. At the bottom of this post you will find some ideas for ways to use the vase templates for a creative activity.

If you are looking for some flowers to add to the vases I have printable sunflower templates and a free printable flower bouquet.

How to use the Vase Templates


First you will click on the CLICK HERE text above the image of the vase you want to use. This will take you to the digital download. Download the pdf file, you will need a pdf reader to open the file for the printable pdfs. Once you have downloaded the file it is time to print. These templates are for personal use, non-commercial use. You can print the templates on white printer paper or cardstock paper. You can also print on colorful carstock paper in a 8.5×11″ size. You can print it at a print shop or at a local print shop for easy printing.


5 Vase Templates


First is a tall curved vase. This blank vase is really pretty and has plenty of space to decorate. You can color it or write a handwritten note on the vase.

CLICK HERE for the tall curved vase.

free printable tall curved vase template


The other tall vase has more of a rectangular shape. This vase is fun to add real flowers or paper craft flowers. The height is great for adding a paper or pipe cleaner flower stem in the vase.

CLICK HERE for the tall rectangular vase.

free printable tall rectangular vase template

The next vase also has a curve shape but it is a shorter vase with a wider base. This vase is great for a spring art project. You can use it for decorations or to paint the vase.

CLICK HERE for the wide curved vase.

shorter curved vase free printable


The next vase is a terra cotta pot shape. I love these flower pot templates for crafts!

CLICK HERE for the pot vase shape.

terra cotta pot shape vase template


Then there are a variety of smaller vases. This sheet of paper includes one vase of each style. These flower vases are great for gluing on paper and adding crafted paper flowers on top. You can use blue construction paper for a sky background for the vases.

CLICK HERE for the variety of vase shapes.

free printable variety of vase shapes


Vase Craft Ideas

You can make all sorts of different crafts with these free printable vases. Here are a few ideas for ways to use the templates.

Handprint craft. Make handprint flowers with kids hand prints to put in the vases. This is a great gift from kids to parents or grandparents.

Make flower cards, these are great for mother’s day cards. The smaller shapes would work great for handmade card. Put it on the front of a folded piece of paper for a card decoration, then draw flowers on top of the vase. This is fun for kids to add personal touches to the card and decorate the vases.

Add real fresh flowers to the vases with tape. Look around outside for fun flowers to collect with kids. This is a great outdoor activity especially in the springtime.

Use sponges to paint the vases and make sponge flowers. Sponge painting works really well for the terra cotta pot look!

Make toilet paper roll flowers on top of the vase. To do this cut one edge of a toilet paper roll into strips then dip it in paint. Then you can press the flowers on to the top of the vase. You can use the toilet paper roll to make the center of the flowers then draw on the petals.

Use pipe cleaners to make an easy craft. Add green stem pipe cleaners in the bottom part with glue. Then glue pipe cleaners in flower shapes on to the top of the vases.

Use them for a color sorting activity. Pick 4 different colors for the 4 vase shapes. Then kids can pick up colorful pom poms with tongs and place them in the vase with the matching color.

Make a vase writing activity. Using the wider vases you can add lined paper for classroom use.

Use them for play doh mats. Put the paper in a sheet protector or use clear packaging tape on top of the paper. Then you can play with the play doh on top an it can be reused.

I hope you have fun with these flower vase template printables! They are so fun for spring crafts and can be used for tons of activities. Use these vases for for part of any art lessons, learning projects, fun crafts, or spring party decorations.

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