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Sun Template Printable


The summer sun is out in the sky and that means time for some sun crafts. No matter what kind of sun crafting you are doing I’ve got a template for you! Choose from a variety of suns for simple crafts and coloring.

All you have to do is pick out the sun template outline of your choice. There are different sizes and shapes to choose from. Then download the digital files, print it out, and you’re good to go!

Help kids work on fine motor skills with these templates. Whether you are painting or cutting out the shapes. Crafting is great for improving fine motor skills. Use these templates for kids from preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school. They are great for educational activities and weather crafts.

A few different ways the fun sun templates can be used include classroom use, party decorations, coloring, and crafting. The templates give you a blank slate to create and craft how you choose. Suns can be used for a project about space and the sun is the center of our solar system. For young kids as a weather project, weather activities, for summer crafts, or as a stencil.

10 Free Sun Templates 

The large sun template comes in two different free printable sun templates. There are different suns with pointed edges and round edges. This gives you a choice of different shapes for different crafts. Use one or both styles of suns.

One of them has pointed edges and thick lines. This sun pattern is great for crafting with young kids. The thick outline makes it easier for young kids to cut out. It can also be used for sun template stencils. There is a version in color and one in black and white. This one can be colored in as well.

CLICK HERE for the colorful large sun.

CLICK HERE for the black and white large sun.


large colorful sun printable for crafts or party decorationslarge sun free printable black and white



The second large template has a simple triangle points for the outside part of the sun. This template is great for making a cute smiling sun.

CLICK HERE for the colorful triangle ray sun.

CLICK HERE for the black and white triangle ray sun.

large sun with triangle rays colorful free printable large sun with triangle rays black and white free printable


There is a medium sun template with 2 suns on a sheet of paper. This size is great for crafts for a group of kids. You can also make a banner or decorate bulletin boards with this size. Just trace the outline on yellow paper.

CLICK HERE for the colorful medium sun.

CLICK HERE for the black and white medium sun.

free printable medium sun template colorful free printable medium sun template black and white


CLICK HERE for the medium colorful triangle ray sun.

free printable medium sun template colorful triangle rays


Now for the small suns. These can be used for making cupcake or food toppers at a party. They also are great for crafting. Use the small sun templates to make solar system crafts. Create a galaxy background and glue the sun on top.

CLICK HERE for the small colorful sun.

CLICK HERE for the small colorful sun.

free printable small sun colorful. free printable small sun black and white.


CLICK HERE for the small colorful sun with triangle rays.

CLICK HERE for the small black and white sun with triangle rays.

free printable Sun Small Colorful Triangle Edge free printable Sun Small Color In Triangle Edge


These free printable suns should give something for everyone needing a sunshine template.


Sun Coloring Pages

If you need a coloring page option I have a simple smiling cute sun coloring page. This sun is made simple so even a young kid in preschool can have fun coloring the sun. It is easy for kids of all ages from preschool until elementary school. Heck, I still love coloring it is always an easy activity with kids.

CLICK HERE for the sun coloring page.

sun coloring page free printable

Sun Craft Supplies

Free printables pdf files for personal use, non-commercial use. Feel free to print them out many times for a group of kids. They are in pdf format so you will need a pdf reader to open the file.

White printer paper or white cardstock paper. I like cardstock paper for using paint and lots of glue.

Yellow construction paper. You can use different colors if you want fun colorful suns.

Optional: yellow paint, googly eyes, black marker, or yellow yarn.

Fun Sun Craft Ideas

Do you need some simple ideas for how to use the sun template printables? Here are a few fun and easy ways to use the different sun templates!

Sun fork painting fun! Print out the large template or one with just the center. Dip a fork in yellow paint then press it on the template. This can make fun sun rays with paint. Plus, kids love using different materials for painting.

Summer is hot and it is a good time to do ice painting! If you have an ice cube tray add food coloring to water in the tray. Then put a popsicle stick on top and freeze overnight. Take them out and use as paintbrushes. It is a fun and easy activity for kids.

Tissue paper sun craft. Put glue on the medium or large template. Add small pieces of tissue paper to the sun template.

Make a sun sun catcher! You can cut out the outline of the sun. Then add a piece of contact paper to the back. Add small pieces of tissue paper to the sun. Then another pieces of contact paper to the top facing down. Cut off the edges along the black outline. Now you have a sun catcher!

Make a fun yellow sun! Use the template to trace on yellow paper. Kids can cut out the sun and add a cute face. Add googly eyes and draw a mouth on with black marker.

Use the template with a book about the sun for learning and craft projects. Place craft supplies in the center of a table and let kids craft away!

This should get you started with some ideas for using the sun template.

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