Free Printable Sandcastle Template for Kids

free printable sandcastle templates for coloring and crafts

Sand castle printable


Who wants to build a sandcastle? Well now you don’t have to go to the beach to make a sandcastle. Just get this free printable sandcastle printable pdf file! This is such an easy activity for the summer. Make the sandcastles and other beach crafts this summer.

I used to live in a little beach town. There was a guy that made amazing sandcastles for holidays and had classes teaching kids how to build super detailed sandcastles. What a cool job! I can’t show you how to build an amazing sandcastle but I’ll show you how to use this sandcastle craft template.

If you need any other summer fun crafts I have a pineapple template, fish template, and beach ball. Tons of summer fun for the kids and ways to keep them busy during the summer. Summer is a great time to explore crafts and free templates make it super easy.

Download the free printable to make a fun sandcastle craft at the bottom of the post.

4 Sandcastle Printable Templates


First is a simple smaller sandcastle template. This can be used for coloring and crafting.

CLICK HERE for the smaller sandcastle.

small sandcastle template free printable



Next is a larger sandcastle printable template. This is fun for kids to decorate and use for crafts.

CLICK HERE for the larger sandcastle.

large sandcastle template printable


This sandcastle is just the outline of the sandcastle. If you need just the outside of the sandcastle to fill in the way that you want this template is for you.

CLICK HERE for the sandcastle outline.

free printable sandcastle outline



The next sandcastle is a build a sandcastle. It comes with separate pieces to color and glue together.

CLICK HERE for the build a sandcastle.

build a sandcastle printable craft



What ages can use is this free printable sandcastle template?


Kids of all ages can use this craft template for coloring sheets or a simple craft. Kids age 3 through elementary school age would be ideal for this craft. You can use the template in different age appropriate ways for younger or older kids.

Help kids work on fine motor skills. Cutting, gluing, coloring, and crafting work on fine motor skills. It is also a great activity for increasing attention span, hand-eye coordination, and creativity.

For young kids it is so important to work on fine motor skills. Coloring, painting, and crafting can all help to improve these skills.

How you can use the sandcastle templates?


You can use them for sandcastle coloring pages. For these coloring sheets use crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Build easy sand castles by ripping up little individual pieces of paper and gluing them on to the template with glue sticks. Make a beach backdrop with colorful paper if you want to add the sky, waves, or any other beachy fun.

Read books about sandcastles or the beach. Then kids can decorate their own sandcastles with this easy paper craft.

For a fun summer activity decorate the sandcastle template with glitter, glitter glue, shells, or tissue paper. Add texture with different craft supplies.

Decorate a bulletin board in a classroom. Does your class have a fun beach theme for the month? Have kids decorate the sandcastle to hang on the bulletin board or just cut out the colored in castles for a fun decoration.

Have a fun indoor beach day for kids. If you don’t have a beach close by you can still pretend to be at the beach. Get beach balls, towels, and make some fun beach sensory play for kids. Water play, kinetic sand, and sand castle coloring pages are perfect for a pretend beach day. You can get creative with ways to incorporate the beach into indoor play!

For kinetic sand or play dough mat playtime! Put the sandcastle template in a plastic bag or sheet protector. Put kinetic sand or play dough on top to make it look like a sandcastle. This is easy sensory play. My son loves sensory play but I always put a tablecloth down to reduce the mess and make clean up easier.

For party decorations! Are you having a beachy party? Make banners and centerpieces with cute free printable sandcastles. You can print the downloadable file as many time as you want to make decorations. Add dollar store beach buckets and shovels for fun decorations.

For a summer camp activity! Kids need plenty of activities in the summer for at home camps or going to summer camp. It’s a fun template to use for summer camp.

For pretend play. Set up a fun beach scene for toys with a sandcastle. Add the template to cardboard to make a sturdy castle that will last a long time.

Make a sun catcher. Use the template to trace on contact paper with a black marker, just leaving the outline of the sandcastle. Then add yellow tissue paper, you can also use different colors, to create a sun catcher. Hang it up in a window for summer.




Digital file to download. For non-commercial personal use but you can print it out as many times as you want.

Printer paper or white cardstock paper

Crayons, markers, or paints


Glue stick or Elmer’s glue

Additional craft supplies:

Glitter, glitter glue, tissue paper, shells, or Pom poms

There are so many ways you can use the sandcastle template for easy summer time fun. Use them for kids at home, in a classroom, and even for party decorations. I would love to have an indoor beach day but minus the real sand. Maybe some tissue paper sand would work.

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