You Blew Me Away Printable Gift Tags

end of school year you blew me away gift tags free printable


you blew me away this year free printable


Are you looking for a cute tag to add to an end of year gift? These gift tags are the perfect addition to student gifts. Add them to small bottles of bubbles or bubble wands. Bubbles are so fun for summer and a group of kids will absolutely love receiving bubbles for a gift.

Bubbles never go out of style. They float, you can pop them, they are the best!  Plus, you can order a large amount of small bottles of bubbles or get dollar store bubble wands. They are the perfect simple end of the year gifts. You can also add other little items to a treat bag with bubbles.

The end of the school year is right around the corner and that means gifts and fun activities. Who doesn’t like the end of the school year? Class parties, treats, and these little bubble gifts are the perfect addition to an end of school year celebration.

If you are looking for more summer fun I have summer themed craft templates including a sun template,  pineapple template, and sandcastle template. There is also a template for a beach ball too!


Printing the Gift Tags


To print out these free gift tags  you will need to download the printable pdf file by clicking on the blue title above the image of the printable tags. This will take you to the digital file and you will need to download it. These printable files are for personal use, non commercial use but feel free to print out the file multiple times. Print the printables on a home printer or at a local print shop. I recommend print on white cardstock paper for a sturdier paper, but you can also print on white printer paper.


Free Printable Gift Tags


The bubble gift tags are perfect to add on bubbles for student gifts. The tags are fun and colorful with bubbles on the tag. The printable student gift tag is a great thing to add on to little gifts. Attach the tags to a bottle of bubbles, bubble wand, or any kind of bubbles.

The printable tag has a fun bright and colorful design with rainbow letters and lots of bubbles. Kids love bright, colorful, and playful gifts.

Printable Bubble Tags

You Blew Me Away this year tag free printable gift tag




Hole punch

White cardstock paper or printer paper


Ribbon or string

Bubble bottles, container of bubbles, or bubble sticks




To use the tags print out the printable gift tag template on white cardstock paper or white printer paper. I prefer cardstock paper because it is thicker but printer paper also works fine. Print out the file multiple times for as many fun tags as you need.

Then cut out all of the tags. There are 6 tags on a sheet to cut out. Make sure to give yourself time to cut out all of the tags because it can take a little bit of time.

Once you have cut out the tags punch a hole in the tags and attach them to the bubbles with a ribbon or string. String the ribbon through the hole on the tag and tie it at the top. Then wrap it around a bottle of bubbles and tie the ribbon around the back.

You can also put bubbles in a cellophane bag with some candy or other little treats too.

There you go you have end-of-year gifts for a group of kids in an inexpensive way. This adorable bubble end of the year gift idea will be a huge hit with kids!

If you are looking for other student gift ideas I also have a beach ball or bouncy ball gift tag. Other student gift ideas are pop its, crayons, chalk, swirly straws, candy, and cute cups. I hope you enjoy these cute tags for your fun bubble gifts!

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