Free Paper Pirate Hat Printable Template

printable pirate hats with color and black and white options


Free Printable Pirate Hat


Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me! Who loves pirates? One of my favorite rides at Disney World is the pirates ride and my kids love it too! We were singing pirate songs and talking like pirates all day after riding it. It also made me want to make a fun pirate hat like this fun free printable pirate hat! You can make your own pirate hats with kids to pretend to be pirates.

Use this pirate hat for talk like a pirate day, a pirate party, or learning about pirates in a classroom. They can be used as pirate hat coloring pages as well. This activity is a great way for working on kids fine motor skills. Also, excellent for pretend play.

If you are looking for some more fun hats check out these shark hats! Also if you want more summer fun I have crab templates and build an ice cream cone crafts.

3 Pirate Hat Template Options:


First is a pirate bandana for a more rough and rugged pirate. This pirate bandana comes in color and black and white. Kids can color in the black and white version and create fun designs. Decorating these pirate hats is a fun activity with a group of kids.

Pirate Bandana Red

Pirate Bandana Black and White

bandana printable pirate hat in red bandana printable pirate hat in black and white


Next is a pirate with the classic skull and cross bones look. This one looks very official. Your little once can be the captain of a pirate ship with this template!

Classic Pirate Hat Color

Classic Pirate Hat Black and White

classic pirate hat printable wearable hat in color classic pirate hat printable wearable hat in coloring


Then I have a version that is just a white pirate hat for kids to make their own design. For older kids this one is fun for them to make their own skull and cross bones, swords, or just add color.

White Pirate Hat

blank pirate hat printable to decorate

If you are looking for a different style of pirate hat this round pirate hat is also a fun look!

Round Pirate Hat Color

Round Pirate Hat Coloring

round pirate hat printable wearable hat round pirate hat printable wearable hat coloring version


​Every Pirate needs an eye patch to go with their pirate hat! Here are two different eye patches to choose from the coloring version and colored in version. This will give kids the full pirate look. The white eye patch can be colored any fun color it has kind of a worn look like a pirate.

Black Eye Patch

White Eye Patch


Here are the bands to add to the back of the hat.

Extra Bands

pirate hat bands to add to hat to wear



Pirate Hat Craft Supplies:


Free download printable pdf file. This file is not for commercial use only for personal use.

White card stock paper. Printer paper works too but isn’t as sturdy for a hat to wear.

Black construction paper if you want to use the template for tracing on black paper.

Hole punch(optional)


Tape, glue, or stapler

To assemble the pirate hat first print out the free pdf file. You can access the file by clicking on the title for the hat you want to use or the image of the hat. This will take you to the pdf file that you can then download on to your computer or device.

Print the file on a home printer or at a local print shop. Like I mentioned above I prefer to print hats or masks on cardstock paper because it is thicker for kids to wear. Print out the hats as many times as you want or need.

Once you have it printed out for kids coloring the hats they can color directly on the printed out sheet of paper. Color with markers, crayons, colored pencils, or even use paint.

Then cut out the hat shape. For young kids help them cut it out with kid safe scissors or cut it out for them. Also cut out the additional bands to make the hat.

To assemble that hat tape, glue, or staple a band to each side of the main part of the hat. Then measure around a kids head or whoever is wearing the hat. Mark in the back where the extra parts of the strips need to be cut off. Then take it off of the kids head and cut the extra part off of the strips. Tape, glue, or staple the back together.

Now you have your own pirate hat! It is such an easy and fun craft for kids.

For the eye patch print out the eye patch template you want to use.

After coloring, if you are using the coloring version, cut out the eye patches.

Punch a hole in one side of the eye patch and then the other along the edge of the right and left side.

Insert a ribbon or string in the hole and tie it on to the eye patch. Repeat on the other side. Then measure around the back to make sure it is long enough and tie it in the back behind the kids head.

If you don’t want to punch a hole you can also tape or glue the ribbon on the back of the eye patch.


Pirate Crafts and Activities:


If you want to have more pirate fun here are a few ideas for pirate activities.

Make a treasure map out of a paper bag with a paper bag and black marker.

Paper bag pirate puppets. You can also make a puppet out of a paper bag. Just draw a face, add a bandana, and an eye patch.

Make a pirate scavenger hunt in the yard or at the park. Hide plastic gold coins for treasure or little toys.

Make a plank to walk out of chalk or some kind of board. This is fun for pretend play and pretending to be a pirate.

​Create pirate boats out of pieces of pool noodles and make them float or race!

Paper plate pirates. Paint a paper plate to look like a pirate face then decorate it with googley eyes, an eye patch, hat, and draw a mouth.

Every pirate needs a bird friend. Make a fun pirate bird craft out of a toilet paper roll by painting the toilet paper roll green, adding paper for the beak, glue on feathers, and googley eyes.

Make a treasure chest out of an egg carton. Cut an egg carton in half, then paint it in fun pirate chest colors. Add glue or gems for fun. Then fill it with pirate treasures.


I hope you had fun making some pirate hats and pretending to be a pirate argh matey!

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