Free Printable Shark Hats for Kids

Free Printable Shark Hats with three designs color and black and white


Free Printable Shark Hat


Sharks are such cool and powerful sea creatures! A lot of kids love sharks. It is something about these fascinating creatures that live deep in the ocean that keeps kids interested. All you need are a few materials and the free printable template for this fun shark craft. Make a shark headband for a simple craft with kids of all ages. This is the perfect group craft or with kids at home. Use these free printable sharks for fun shark activities!

Summer time is the perfect time for ocean crafts. This craft is great for kids learning about sea creatures in ocean study units. The preschool and elementary grades will love this shark craft. Plus, if you are needing a fun craft for shark week this one is perfect! If you are using it with learning resources scroll to the bottom of the page for some shark facts.

If you need some more summer fun templates these surfboard templates are perfect to go with sharks and jellyfish craft templates too!

Shark Hat 6 Different Designs:


These shark craft templates are easy to use just download the free patterns printable, print, and get to crafting! There are 6 different shark headband craft template options. Choose one or make them all.

First is a shark headband color in version this is a fun and simple craft for kids. This shark is a simple shark.

Coloring Simple Shark

simple shark headband free printable coloring version

Next is a colorful version that just requires printing and assembly. This option is great for a party favor or simply for kids to wear.

Simple Shark Hat Color

simple shark headband free printable color version


The next option is another simple shark just a slighlty different design, choose your favorite! You can also use the template to trace the outline on construction paper then make a shark in your own style.

Shark In the Water

shark headband with mouth open headband for kids coloring

Shark In the Water Color

shark headband with mouth open headband for kids color


Now we have the hammerhead shark and they are just super cute sharks. Not as scary as the great white shark!

Hammerhead Shark Coloring


hammerhead shark headband coloring option

Hammerhead Shark Color


This next shark is looking right at you! You can see the shark fin and smiling shark face.

Smiling Shark Coloring


free printable Shark Hat Smiling Shark Coloring

Smiling Shark Color

free printable Shark Hat Smiling Shark Color


Next are the bands to use with the front of the hats. These work for all of the hats. Use one or multiple bands if you need more than one.

Shark Hat Bands

Ways to Use Shark Hat Craft:


This is a great craft for a preschool or early elementary school craft when learning about sharks. Make this shark hat with other easy shark crafts such as making a paper plate shark, toilet paper rolls can make sharks, shark puppets, and a shark mask would be a fun shark craft idea. Have a full week of shark crafts for shark week!

Use it for pretend play with kids. Who doesn’t want to pretend to be a shark?! I love giving kids something to spark their imagination and then join them in their imaginative world of sharks and sea creatures.

This hat can be used for shark games. Use it for a fun ring toss game or hide and seek. One person can be the shark and catch the fish.

A party craft! These shark hats are perfect for a shark or ocean party craft. Just lay out the hat templates and supplies for kids to decorate them. This can double as decorations at a party. Put a shark hat at every place setting for kids to decorate.

Making a Printable Shark Headband


White cardstock paper or printer paper

Coloured cardstock or construction paper if you are tracing the shapes. Colors can include dark grey, light grey, blue, black, and white.

Googly eyes

Glue stick

Clear tape


Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

Shark Hat Craft Instruction:

Step 1: Get the free download for the shark hat. It is free for personal use, non-commercial use but you can print it out many times. Click on the image of the hat you want to use or the title right above the image to access the free printable pdf file. Download the file to your computer or device.

Step 2: Print out the template on white card stock or printer paper. Cardstock paper is sturdier for making standing up on kids heads and lasting longer but printer paper works too. You can print it out at home or send it to a print shop.

Step 3: If you are using the coloring version color it in with colored pencils, crayons, or markers. You could even paint it just make sure the lines for the outline are still visible. Coloring is great for working on kids fine motor skills!

Step 4: Next with both templates you will cut out the shark shapes and the straight strips of paper. Depending on the age of kids they can cut out the shapes themselves or have them precut for them.

Step 5: Now it is time to assemble the shark headband. Take clear tape and attach the extra strip on one side of the hat. Then another strip on the other side of the hat. I personally like using packaging tape with crafts because it is sturdy but any clear tape should work. You can also use glue sticks first then tape it together to reinforce the hat.

Step 8: Measure behind each child’s head to make sure the size fits and cut off any extra paper from the straight strips. Then tape it together in the back.

Shark Facts:

1. Sharks are a type of fish.

2. There are about 500 species of sharks. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

3. Fossils show sharks have been around for over 400 million years. That means there were sharks when dinosaurs lived.

4. Sharks have a ton of teeth! Large whale sharks can have 3,000 teeth. Many sharks have about 300 teeth.

5. They constantly lose teeth. Every week they might lose a tooth because they aren’t attached to their gums.

6. Sharks do not have bones in their body they have cartilage(like in your ears).

7. Most sharks have cold blood.

8. Sharks have great vision. They see clearly at night like cats and owls.

9. Sharks are meat eaters. Large sharks eat eel, large fish, and even sea lions. Small sharks eat plankton and shellfish.

10. While they eat meat most sharks do not want to eat people. Most species of sharks are not interested in people so don’t be afraid to go in the ocean!

I hope you have fun with this easy craft for a fun summer craft. Get the free shark template of your choice and make a cool shark hat! These are perfect for shark week and shark parties.

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