Frog Craft Template Printable for Kids

frog craft printables with cut and paste frog crafts and frog outlines for crafts



Frog Craft Printables


Just hopping by to share a super fun and cute frog craft! These frogs are so adorable for simple kids crafts. If you are looking for a fun craft with young kids this easy frog craft is perfect!

Use these frog crafts and templates for working on fine motor skills and scissor skills with young kids. Remember to use safety scissors for young kids. They are also great for improving hand eye coordination. Use them at home or in a classroom when learning about frogs.

I’ve included a few different types of templates to choose from. You can use a cut and paste frog, color cut and paste frog, or just a frog outline. Color in the templates with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Young kids love frogs and animal crafts. That is why these frog crafts are perfect for preschool crafts and crafts for kids of all ages. If you are looking for more animal fun I have cute woodland animal craft templates and a jellyfish craft template.


6 Frog Templates


The first frog template is a simple frog outline. This outline can be used for a variety of frog crafts using tissue paper, green paint, or green paper. Kids can use their imagination with ways to decorate the blank frog free template.

Frog Outline



Next is a frog coloring page with the face filled in for the frog. This is an easy coloring page for young kids.

Frog Coloring Page

frog coloring page with large simple frog



This frog template has the outline pieces separately. This is great for a fun craft with kids making their own frog with green paper, googley eyes, and gluing it all together. Trace the pieces out on green paper or print out on an 8.5×11″ green cardstock paper. You can also use this template for a paper plate frog craft.

Frog Craft Template

frog craft template with separate pieces


The next frog is a simple cut and paste frog. This is such an easy craft and great for teaching young children how to follow directions. Print this template on white paper or white cardstock paper. Then cut out the parts of the frog including the frog’s head, frog’s body, and frog’s legs.

Cut and Paste Frog Craft

build a frog simple craft to cut and paste


The next template is the same as the one above but it is a color, cut, and paste printable frog craft. Color it in with crayons, markers, dot markers, or colored pencils.

Color, Cut, and Paste Frog Craft

build a frog simple craft to color, cut, and paste


Last but not least is a lily pad template. Your frog might need a lily pad to sit on! These can be used with any of the frog craft templates. There are large and small lily pads for kids crafts.

Lily Pad

lily pad for frog craft free printable template


How to Print the Templates


First pick the frog craft template or templates you want to use. Then download the digital pdf file by clicking on the image of the template you want to use or the title for the image. This will take you to the downloadable file and you can download from there. Once you have downloaded the template it is time to print. Feel free to print out multiple templates. These templates are for personal use, non commercial use, but can be printed out multiple times for a group of kids. Print at home on a home printer or at a local print shop. If you are using paint or lots of glue I prefer to use cardstock paper but white printer paper works too. Then for tracing on paper you can use colorful card stock or construction paper.


Frog Craft Ideas


If you are looking for a fun activity for kids using a fun free printable frog template here are a few ideas for how to use the templates.

Make a watercolor water painting. Then add lily pads, and a frog template. This is a fun craft with a few parts to add extra fun.

Simple frog craft with cut and paste templates. It is so easy to color, cut, and paste the frogs together. For young kids you can help them with cutting out the frog outlines.

Paper plate frog craft. Paint a paper plate green. Then add the frogs head and legs to the plate with glue. You can also make a paper plate lily pad and then use the paper frog on top of the lily pad.

Frog coloring pages. Use the whole frog template or the cut and paste coloring frog as frog coloring pages.

Kids can make their own adorable frog with just the paper frog shapes. Then put out craft supplies for kids to add on with glue such as pom poms, googley eyes, glitter, tissue paper, crayons, black marker(to draw a mouth) and pipe cleaners. I love letting kids use their imagination to make a craft in their own style.

Frog paper bag puppet or frog popsicle stick puppet. You can also add a fun long tongue to the frog’s mouth with a curled up strip of red construction paper. Wrap the paper around a pencil to get the curl then glue it on to the mouth of the frog.

Make a frog color matching game with different color frogs. Print frogs out on different color paper then kids can either mix and match frogs or put the correct colors together. Either way it is fun to make colorful frogs!

Another fun frog craft is to make a hopping frog! attach the frog to paper with strips of paper folded in an accordion patter. Then when you press the frog down it will hop up!

Use the frogs for learning about the frog life cycles from egg, tadpole, young frog, and last an adult frog.

I hope you had a fun time making frog crafts!

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