Free Printable Flamingo Template for Crafts

printable flamingo templates for crafts with cut and paste flamingo and flamingo outline


Printable Flamingo Template


Summertime is the perfect time to do some crafts! Kids are home from school and need something to keep them busy. I like to do things in themes so one week can be ice cream, mermaids, and of course flamingos! Flamingos can go with a tropical theme too. Are you looking for flamingo crafts? Well look no further! Print out and decorate this adorable flamingo template. This is the perfect easy summer craft for little kids.

The flamingo craft template can be just cut and paste, this is perfect for toddlers. You can also add feathers, paint, and pipe cleaners to make it your own. If your kids prefer to color use the coloring version. I like having different options because everyone has their own way of crafting.

My daughter used to always love looking at the flamingos when we went to the zoo. They are just calm and unfazed by humans. I always wondered how they could balance on one foot. We would try to do a flamingo stance but I don’t have the balance of a flamingo.

Just print it out on your home printer or at a print shop and get to crafting!

I love flamingos because they can stand on one leg and of course because they are pink and pretty. I’ll add some fun flamingo facts at the end for the kids to learn more about flamingos.

Make this craft flamingo free printable template your own with fun colors and you can even glue on some pink feathers for extra fun!


Who is the flamingo craft template for?


Parents and educators can use this craft template with as many kids as you want! Just print out the free printable multiple times for a group. It can also be used for party decorations.


4 Free Printable Flamingo Templates


The first flamingo is a full page flamingo with details. This flamingo can be used for a coloring page or for crafts. Print it on pink cardstock or 8.5×11″ paper to get a pink flamingo to decorate.

Large Flamingo 

flamingo coloring page or template


Next is a flamingo with just the outline and no details. Kids can make this flamingo their own for crafts. It can also be used for decorations.

Full Flamingo Outline

flamingo outline craft template


If you are looking for a fun craft and coloring page this flamingo is for you. Color cut and glue the flamingo together to build a cute flamingo.

Coloring Build a Flamingo


cut and paste flamingo craft in black and white to color


This flamingo is the same as the last one but it comes in color. Kids can work on fine motor skills building a flamingo.

Color Build A Flamingo


cut and paste flamingo craft in color


Flamingo Craft Ideas:


First you can just have a simple fun craft. Cut out the flamingo parts, glue them together, and voila you have a flamingo!

For an alphabet craft, F is for Flamingo. Just write a large F on a paper and glue the template on to the paper with the F on it.

If you are teaching a class about flamingos this is a great craft to pair with learning. I will add some flamingo facts at the end of this post for extra learning fun!

The template can be printed out multiple times and decorated to make party decorations for a flamingo party. Use them for banners, centerpieces, and signs.

Make a flamingo greeting card or a flamingo invitation.

It can be used on a bulletin board in a classroom or homeschool class. Use colorful card stock paper to make it pop! Have kids decorate them and then put them on the bulletin board for a flamingo or tropical theme.

Add extra fun with pink tissue paper for the feathers just put sticky tape on top of the template and stick on the tissue paper.

Put it on a popsicle sticks to create a puppet for pretend play! I love using templates for pretend play. You can set up a whole zoo of pretend play or a tropical island using multiple templates.

You can use the outline for flamingo stencils.


What do you need to make a flamingo printable craft?


The digital file for the free printable

Printer it can be printed on a home printer or at a print shop

White cardstock paper preferably because it is sturdy, construction paper, and printer paper work too

Googley eyes, pipe cleaners, and feathers to make it extra fun!

Crayons or markers for the coloring version


Glue sticks


Lets make a flamingo craft!


  1. Get the instant download, it comes in pdf format by clicking on the image of the flamingo you want to use or the title right above the image.
  2. Print it out on cardstock paper once or as many times as you want for personal use with kids at home or a class.
  3. If you are coloring in or painting the template color it on the sheet of paper.
  4. Cut out the template.
  5. If you are using the blank template trace the template on pink paper.

Fun facts about flamingos!


  1. A bunch of flamingos together is called a flamboyance.
  2. Why are flamingos pink? They eat brine shrimp and algae that turn their feathers pink.
  3. Baby flamingos are not pink, they are born with whitish gray feathers.
  4. Where do flamingos live? America and the Caribbean.
  5. American flamingos can live up to 60 years!
  6. They flip their heads upside down to eat.
  7. Why do they stand on one foot? It helps them stay warm! They stand on one foot more often in the water and in colder temperatures.
  8. They have long skinny legs to help them stand in deeper water.
  9. They make nests out of mud.
  10. The flamingos long neck helps them reach for food.

I love learning new things about flamingos and I hope your kids do too! They are such beautiful animals.

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