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Hello and welcome to my blog, I am so excited you are here! My name is Valerie but you can call me Val :).

I’ve always been interested in the artistic and creative side of life. As a kid my parents encouraged my sister and I to use our imaginations. We threw the best pretend parties on the block! We made special drinks with two straws that we called top sippers, always having to put our own spin on parties. My parents are also known for their legendary Christmas Eve parties. A love for planning celebrations runs in the family. In college I studied Hospitality and Event Management. I found party planning to be a natural fit for me. There is something so satisfying about being involved in other people’s happy occasions.  I have planned every type of event imaginable from corporate, night life, wine, weddings and birthday parties. I’m 31 and around this age there are always fun celebrations for people in my life. Birthday parties, baby showers, kids parties, and weddings. I love helping out with these fun events!


I am a single mom to a beautiful four year old daughter named Keira. Being a single mom can be hard but it is also an amazing experience. She is such a fun goofy kid and makes my job as a mom easy. Since becoming a mom I have become so excited about creating a magical fun experience for holidays and birthdays. Keira loves celebrating and she lights up like a Christmas tree when she sees decorations I like to create easy projects that allow her to be involved with the party planning process. As a mom sometimes the only time to create is with a little partner. We may make huge messes but it’s always a party in my house! I enjoy creating party DIYs that don’t require fancy materials or are too difficult to make. Parties are meant to be enjoyed even the planning process. Have fun, drink some wine, listen to some music, dance around and create. Yes, I like to go all out for celebrations, but I still need to put my daughter through college. I’m like celebrating without breaking the bank.

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After having a kid I also discovered my love for baking, especially making fun edible art. Once I found out how to make cute edible treats I was hooked! I love showing others easy tutorials of how to make fun party desserts. Anyone can make impressive, cute desserts with the right directions. I’m especially a sucker for cupcakes. Taste testing is also a very important part of the baking process!

I want to encourage others to tap into their creative side. We all have the ability to create and think outside the box. Adults just don’t get to embrace that side enough. If you ever need help brainstorming ideas for a party I’m your gal! I also can create custom party decorations just find me on Etsy at Val Event Gal. I’m so excited to share my party ideas with you!



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Hi I'm Val! I love making simple crafts with my kids using free printable templates. Come craft with us!

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