Dreidel Marshmallow Pops

Dreidel Marshmallow Pops! Spin the marshmallow dreidel, a fun Chanukah dessert

We are now on the third night of Chanukah! Which means dreidel marshmallow pops! It is hard to get ready for Chanukah when it comes so soon after Thanksgiving. That is why we need some easy things to make to celebrate. I leave the latkes up to others to make but I am really good at eating them, not to brag ;).This year we already did some Chanukah crafts and made a Chanukah house. The Chanukah house was like a gingerbread house with yellow and blue decorations. Manichewitz makes the Chanukah house because when the house falls down mama might need a little wine. I wish there was more of a selection of Chanukah items in the stores and ideas. The section is usually about a foot wide sandwiched in between the Christmas stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas decorations but Chanukah could use a little love too! My mom is always creative and resourceful when it comes to Chanukah ideas. I get my love of holidays from her. read more

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Dreidel Marshmallow Pops