Coed Baby Shower Games

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CoEd Baby Shower Games

Recently coed baby showers have become really popular. Some people prefer it to be just the ladies but I love the idea of including the father to be in the shower. He did help make the baby! I think a lot of men are worried that baby showers will be cheesy and cutesy. Baby shower games especially get a bad reputation for being silly. There definitely are a few games that are ridiculous and I prefer to avoid. However, I think baby shower games can be really fun. The key is to not do too many games and keep the party flowing. I think 2 or 3 games is a good amount. Make sure not to make a girly theme vintage, glitter and lace probably wont work as well for a coed shower. If you go with a theme make it more subtle and neutral colors some of these unique baby shower themes are awesome for coed showers:  Food and drinks are essential with a coed shower. Bbq is a great option, pizza, subs, meats, and cheeses. Small bites work too, just avoid tea time foods! read more

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