Black Cat Cupcakes

Black Cat Cupcakes - Val Event Gal

I’m getting ready for Halloween and what says Halloween more than black cats? Some people think of black cats as unlucky but I think they are cute! I had a mostly black cat when I was a kid. My parents let me pick out a cat when I was 5. Parents, do not let your kids get a pet unless you really want it to. My parents learned that the hard way. I named the cat Sarah because they told us it was a girl and I wanted a girl cat. Then we took her to get fixed and they told us Sarah was a Sam, meaning it was a boy cat. Then we called him Sammy. That cat was a bit of nightmare. He loved to bite and hated people. Most cats don’t like too many people but this one hated everyone. Except my mom, she spoiled him rotten and he loved her. In the end Sammy ended up being her cat. Seriously, don’t let a 5 year old pick out a pet they will never take care of it like they promise. ┬áHe was a pretty black cat though. I am not superstitious at all I think a black cat is just a cute cat. These black cat cupcakes are the perfect combination of creepy and cute! That is usually the goal for Halloween with a four year old a bit of creepy but still cute. My daughter thought they looked like owls, which you could do too just without the ears it’s an owl. read more

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