DIY Cupid’s Arrows

DIY Cupid's Arrows are fun for any Valentine's Day food and desserts

Love is in the air! Have you been shot by cupid’s arrow? I made these fun diy cupid’s arrows and shot them through some heart shaped cupcakes. You can also put them in other Valentine’s Day foods. Even health foods because apparently you can’t always have cupcakes. They are easy to make and really fun for Valentine’s Day parties.

What you need to make them:

pink or red paper straws


heart stickers

Materials for cupids arrow Making a cupid's arrow

Cut paper straws into pieces about an inch and a half long. Stick a heart sticker facing down to the top of on of the straw pieces and one facing down on the bottom of another piece of straw. Cut the top rounded part of the heart on the bottom piece. Then cut small slits lined up down one side and down the other. read more

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