DIY No Sew Owl Hat

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Owl hat DIY

I love winter time and getting all bundled up. In Phoenix it doesn’t get cold to the point where you can’t leave the house but you definitely need to be bundled up. I also love winter hats! I’ve seen the adorable animal hats that people crochet or sew. Crocheting and sewing are way above my crafty skill level. One day when I have some extra time maybe I will learn how to crochet. For now I will stick to the easier way. I found some solid color hats from the dollar section at target. They were a couple dollars. Then you add a felt owl and it is an adorable owl hat. I made this one for me but you can also make them for kids. For my daughter I will add in some bright colors to match her rainbow colored wardrobe. I made this peek a who owl hat(get it, peek a boo peak a who) in minutes. read more

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