Kids Birthday Questionnaire

My daughter turned 6 recently and it seems like the time flies by doesn’t it?! I was looking at her baby book recently. Ok I actually only finished her baby book recently in true procrastinator fashion. There was a cute list of all her likes and first in one of the little books I had. I loved looking back at that and thought it would be cute to have a little birthday questionnaire each year for her to look back and remember what she liked at each age. It’s just a few simple questions for kids to answer about themselves. If they are too young to fill it out mom can fill it out for them. I would also suggest using black sharpie to fill it out to see it better in pictures. Do as I say not as I do! You ca just keep the questions or take a cute picture with your kid holding up the questions. I didn’t plan far ahead for this so I just took a random picture but kids could be in their favorite spot, room, holding a favorite stuffed animal, or with their favorite food in the picture to make it extra fun! read more

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Hi I'm Val! I love making simple crafts with my kids using free printable templates. Come craft with us!