Jellyfish Marshmallow Pops!

Jellyfish Marshmallow Pops- Val Event Gal

This week I am all about the mermaid party fun! Mermaids are a little tricky to make into sweets so I decided to make jellyfish marshmallow pops. They are super easy to make and adorable for an under the sea or mermaid party. I have been on a marshmallow pop kick, as much as I love cake pops they are more time consuming and when you are a busy mom shortcuts are always good. Spending hours in the kitchen is not always an option and no bake is the best! I have also been on a candy eye kick lately. I promise I will take a break from the candy eyes. I think this is my third blog post using candy eyes in a week haha. They just make everything so cute and my daughter loves them! read more

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