Mermaid Party Favors with free printable tags

Mermaid Party Favors with free printable gift tags perfect for a mermaid party! - Val Event Gal

When I was a kid I basically thought I was a mermaid. I loved to swim and would put a ring around my feet to keep them together like a mermaid tail. Anyone else do this? When you live in Arizona as a kid you are basically a mermaid living in the water half the year. It is disappointing when you grow up and realize you will never actually be a mermaid. Thanks mom and dad, you told me I could grow up to be anything I wanted to be! While I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be a mermaid I have not given up on sparkles and mermaid party fun! This weeks theme is mermaids! I am bringing the mermaid party fun starting with these adorable underwater mermaid party favors with printable gift tags. I am a little late starting this week since my daughter just started school again and I am getting back in a routine. School seems to start earlier every year. I promise I will get better in the coming weeks, I have some fun things planned! Yes, I am a creative type and sticking to a schedule is tricky when you are on mermaid time(I’m guessing mermaids are on a relaxed schedule). These mermaid magic jars are so easy to make and are a perfect mermaid party favor! Kind of like a snow globe but with glitter and under the sea creatures. read more

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