15 Simple Party Cleaning Tips

15 Simple Party Cleaning Tips!

I would say my least favorite part of throwing parties is the clean up! More like my least favorite party of life is cleaning. I’m not afraid to say it, I don’t like cleaning, but it is a necessary evil. When you throw a party sadly after all the fun you have to clean up the mess. Since I am a blogger that focuses heavily on parties I know a thing or two about making glittery confetti messes. I am creating things on a daily basis and with that comes tiny pretty messes. Since making messes comes more naturally to me than cleaning them up I have come up with some shortcuts and ways to make the cleaning party a bit easier. I also have thrown enough parties to figure out what does and doesn’t work with the clean up. You can see my messes above, that top picture sure has a lot of dirt haha. In Arizona we get these lovely dust storms that bring massive amounts of dust all around, I decided that dust needed some confetti on top. My bottom more Instagram friendly mess picture I was playing around with confetti while wearing my unicorn slippers! Grown women need unicorn slippers too! I never outgrew my love for fairies, unicorns, and mermaids. Luckily I had a daughter so I can still play with all those silly fun things. Those are just a few of my many party messes that I have made and had to clean up! read more

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