diy mini party hats

How To Make Mini Party Hats

How To Make Mini Party Hats! (with free templates)

Yay mini party hats! Everything is cuter when it is mini and that is just a fact. Also how cute does Darth Vader look with a little party hat?! I am going to show you how to make mini party hats. They are easy to make for any party or just playing party. You can make these for birthdays to put on stuffed animals as decorations. Kids can wear them too. I made a tiny and medium sized template for the party hats for different sized stuffed animals plus the larger size can work for kids and even adults for a small party hat. The template makes these really easy to make. You can use any color paper or pattern to accommodate themes. You can also just print out the template and kids can color directly on it for a colorful party hat. We made these for a fun little tea party with the stuffed animals not really for any occasion but I will use them in the future for parties. read more

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