Try to get the princess crown on the princesses head

Princess Party Games

Princess Party Games! Make your princess party extra fun with all of these easy princess party games

Every princess needs a princess party and every princess party needs fun games! You also want your games to be easy to put together. These games are for a range of ages. For the little little ones some might be too complicated but there is something for everyone. Makes me want to throw a princess party for myself! I did go to an adult princess party one time and it was awesome! My costume was The Little Mermaid because that is my favorite princess movie. My daughter is more partial to Frozen and her favorite princess right now is actually Princess Leia from Star Wars. The best thing about a princess party in my opinion is there are so many princesses to choose from. You can have it focused on one princess or have them all! You can use these ideas for any type of princess party from Frozen to Cinderella or all the princesses together. There can never be too many princesses at a party! read more

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