Funny Free Printable Food Labels

Free Printable Sports Party Food Labels

Free Printable Food Labels for sports parties

When it comes to watching sports with a group there are the people super in to the game and just there for the food. I fall into the later category. I enjoy sports and know whats going on during a football game. I personally am more about the experience of watching sports with a group and eating tons of food. That is the best part! I may not have a team in the game during the Super Bowl but I am always “Team Cheese”. I made these super cute funny free printable sports party food labels for the big game. These are perfect for food toppers or labels at a Super Bowl party. Really they would be fun for any sports party including kids birthday parties. I love the mini foam fingers, these would look so cute on top of some cupcakes. Cupcakes are #1 in my book! People may not agree on what team should win but we can all be on “Team Food”. I tried to cover the Super Bowl party foods that are typically served such as chips, dip, cheese(in any form), burgers, and tacos. Are tacos a thing all over the country or is it just an Arizona thing to serve tacos at any occasion? I could eat tacos, chips, and guacamole all day every day so I am definitely “Team Tacos”. read more

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